Monday, November 3, 2014

The Greatest Form Of Meditation

    There are so many ideals and perspective outlooks on what meditation is. In simple terms, meditation means the way to feel blissful and understanding the relaxation of the body and mind. Many people believe sitting and shutting down the mind while chanting certain sounds is the ideal form of meditation. Others feel that standing or holding a certain posture while quieting the mind and relaxing the body is a powerful way and even better form of meditation. Want to know something, I agree with both forms. Depending on how you look at it, no matter what the research or what you learn what's the best form, the greatest form of meditation is what keeps you in a blissful state in mind and body and it works for you and it could be sitting, standing, lying down or moving in certain patterns or basic adaptive movements.


    For nearly 10 years of studying and experimenting different exercise programs, spiritual enlightenment, meditation, specific postures, qi gong, Movnat and others; I have found that moving is more meditative for me than standing or sitting. I do both from time to time because I find it's a good balance. It's building great intuitive power. What works best may not always work in everyone's favor and what I mean by that is we're all different and the way we think and move isn't the same so we use what makes us feel right to do. I believe in the power of intuition, it's a very powerful thing like having that little voice that guides you or that gut feeling you have when something doesn't feel right or does; that's your intuition talking to you. It's the feeling and what is spoken only to you that gives you what you're aware of and having that 6th sense type of thing. So in order to find what works best for you, listen and feel to what's right and experiment, if it doesn't feel right or makes sense to you than move on till you find just the right thing on the dot. It's like the three bears complex where you feel, see and taste what could be right, something may be too hot or too cold (the porridge) but then you find what is just right and hits you and it works. Follow your intuition.


    In a nutshell, the best form of meditation is not what worked for everyone else or who says this or that about what form is great and that you should do it; it is what brings you that energy within mind and body and you feel happy, relaxed and powerful all at the same time. The world is at a time still and you are taking in that powerful essence of radiant energy and you feel incredible. For me it's moving and at times I either move slow or really fast whether it's exercise or walking, for some they're better meditating in a certain place where they can sit comfortably and shut the world out for a while that's ok too. Don't stress what is the best trend or don't let yourself go crazy with something that isn't working, meditation is supposed to reduce stress and infuse you mind to open a clear window so do speak.


    Experimentation is a great asset to find the right thing(s) that give you your greatest benefit and it could be anything, it doesn't even have to be a spiritual thing. Another form of meditation to do at least to me is writing. If you love to write and you can intuitively get the words without thinking about it too much that's like being in a meditative state, it brings you peace and clarity that's the true power of meditation; to be at peace and feel clear of negative stress and energy. Whatever drives you and you feel peaceful and at ease within yourself, you're meditating.


Find your sense of peace and exercise your intuition to find what works best for you in your own unique way. There's no feeling like it. Be awesome family and welcome to a new week.

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