Thursday, October 23, 2014

Super Breathing

    Almost sounds like a super power that a hero uses don't you think? Believe it or not it's just another term for deep breathing but amped up a bit. When you breathe deeply and correctly, it's not just filling the lungs with air and having a calm effect at the end, it goes beyond that. The power of deep breathing enhances your body and mind in many different ways from having a clear mind, decompressing the stress on your body and delivering powerful quantities and qualities of natural strength, awareness, flow of movement and opening up the Chi or life force that makes you feel alive with vigor, vitality and pain-free. Some people have trouble breathing deeply due to some illness that they were born with or have a defect in their structure of the organs however; if you look at some of the old-time strongmen like Maxick, The Mighty Atom, Charles Atlas and a few others who were told that because of their fragile capacity they won't have a chance in hell having a healthy life but yet these very same individuals became powerful men of strength, health and fitness.


    One of the key elements to understanding deep breathing or in this case Super Breathing is its ability to heal the body and mind in a way that is difficult to explain. When the body is at ease and your breathing is a factor of the healing process just about whatever it might be, you're finding that the cells and blood flow run much smoother and help you rejuvenate at a fast rate. I'm not saying you'll heal like Wolverine or Captain America but the rate you can heal at if your body is using as less tension as possible because too much tension causes inflammation, shallow breathing, compression of the shoulders & back and overstress causes the cells and blood to block their ability to run on their natural flow of generating growth and powering up the internal organs. When you can command your body to relax and open up from the inside (not physically split open, this isn't a horror movie) you're giving your body the juice it needs to bring powerful vitality to everything the inside produces and this natural process can help you stay young, active, produce natural hormones in both men and women and can help heal your body from previous injuries.


    The power of your breath has another important aspect that many neglect to understand and that is its ability to produce natural strength levels that you may have not noticed before. A lot of people all over try to tell us what's so different and labeling us to a high degree when in fact there are plenty of things that make us the same for instance; we all have muscles that fire up in our body when we do something extraordinary or just plain putting effort into something, we all have a way of generating strength within some form of degree and we all have the ability to become super strong in some shape or form. By breathing and using the mechanics of your muscular system, you can become crazy strong. With infusing your mind and body and the way you handle the breath you can generate instant strength that can almost be tripled within seconds. This is a foundational concept of programs like CoreForce Energy, Advanced Hypnotic Training and how you can release Chi from practicing various energy arts in Qi Gong, Tai Chi and other forms.


    Another great thing about the ability to deep breath is when your mind is a complete ease and the clarity you can produce can have a profound effect on the way you can enhance your learning abilities whether they are exceptional or not, your ability to think better, making decisions without stressing out and your ability to handle situations. Opening up the mental aspects of deep breathing allows you to take in more power and vitality to your brain which can unlock your ability to remember things you haven't thought of in a very long time, greater use of using visualizations, oxygenate the brain and perform tasks with a greater rate of success. So as you can see, deep breathing is not just about binging more life to your body and mind, it's about bring the quality of how your life proceeds with added abilities that can aid you in what makes your life strong, vital and important. It's our livelihood that we breathe with power and flow. Breathe and breathe with life and attitude because how you breathe determines the way you live life.


Happy Thor's Day everyone and be sure to pick up Super Power Breathing by Paul Bragg on your way out of this article. Flow through your body using Mike Fitch's Animal Flow program, you'll have fun, exciting workouts and you'll be breathing like crazy after a few moves. Have a great day, be awesome and send me a shout. I'd love to hear from all of you.

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