Thursday, October 9, 2014

Obtain Power Most Won’t Possess

    Within each of us there is energy that charges our system and gives us strength to do things we normally don't use. This is what' called Adrenaline where you're so hoped up either in some situation or your body just raves up everything and becomes a wrecking machine. Normally this lasts for a few seconds and usually happens when danger occurs or in certain sports and even when given an adrenaline shot (ever see Pulp Fiction). However even with all of that, that part of us is in our system all the time but it's not easy to unlock it. There's also what's called Chi which means life force or what some would call Nerve Force where the body is racked with energy due to using the mental aspect to obtain the physical. This type of energy is practically the same thing but on another level. To unlock it takes practice but it is possible to achieve a level of energy that can instantly increase our strength, speed and movement within just about any angle using a few techniques and opening up our minds to be congruent with the body.


    It's not always easy to tell but when your energy doesn't align and it's low or not used well you are weak in many areas and not just physical. Your mental state isn't in the right place and things aren't flowing as well. You're frustrated, mad, angry, confused or anything negative and your focus just isn't there. It happens to all of us and it's nothing to be ashamed about but you can however learn to open up and let everything flow by the way you breathe, the way you think and the way you move; actually when you can harness all three and they're in unison you become stronger, more focused, heading towards your goal and you can whisk your way around any corner and move with great efficiency and agility. When the mind and body flow together you are a stronger person both physically and mentally. Adding in the emotion of your energy creates a chain reaction of increasing your strength more so than just infusing the mind and body.


    In CoreForce Energy, it teaches not just being crazy strong or how to open up your energy but it also teaches you how to harness your muscles to the degree where at just about any angle no matter how cool or weird looking you can stay strong and have everything flowing. Now I'm not saying you'll lift 1000 pounds or become a contortionist hell you won't fly like superman but yet you can have strength within the snap of your fingers when you learn the techniques and exercises that are in stored in the course. Think what it would be like to move like Neo in the Matrix or close to it, harness the strength that can go up even by 1% that most scientists say can't be achieved. What about moving with such grace and agility yet still have a knockout punch and take down the biggest of men. I didn't believe it at first until I actually learned the techniques, open up my imagination and begin to believe that something was happening with incredible crystal clear sight.


    Some of the greatest minds in history used their imaginations because there is a whole other world that we can't explain. All of us see something different in our minds, it could be similar to someone else's but in the end as an individual we have different outlooks, different ways of seeing the world and what we use to make us successful. In the physical world we can only do so much and we're told we can only be this strong or run at a limited speed even at a full sprint and we've been told we can only use an extremely small percentage of our brain capacity (which is said at max 5%) however, what if we can unlock that 1% that has run a little faster, make us slightly stronger and open up our minds that are in our control and create mental clarity and focus that is so strong it makes others envy would you want that? Just a 1% increase of our brain power can jump start a major breakthrough in the human physiology, anatomy, mental awareness and seeing the world in a whole other way that is better and revolutionary and evolve with greater opportunities. We have only scratched the surface to how the brain is built and wired yet we have an extremely long way to go. However, what we do know and what we can learn can impact us in a way that hasn't been seen before. CoreForce Energy is part of that breakthrough that is built upon the principles of opening up our body's energy from the inside and tapping into the power of our minds and unleashing it into the physical realm.


Happy Thor's Day my friends and become a stronger individual from within. Be awesome and have a great day.

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