Thursday, October 2, 2014

Can This Be The Most Powerful Hypnosis Technology Ever?

My friend and esteemed colleague Niraj Naik – a pioneering brainwave entrainment and meditation expert has collaborated with John Vincent – an expert hypnotherapist and change expert trained directly under the father of NLP, Richard Bandler and world renowned hypnotherapist Paul McKenna.
I think they may have created what I believe in my experience of developing mind tools, is quite possibly the most powerful hypnosis audio technology of its kind.
It’s called Trypnosis™.

The reason why self help tools like affirmations and the law of attraction do not work is because you have to go deeper and change the story you tell yourself.
Trypnosis is an evolution of hypnosis and a powerful new method created by leading peak performance experts designed to empower your inner voice and thoughts.
Imagine your life with better health, confidence, creativity and motivation. Trypnosis™ – the heart of the full Peak Power Hypnosis system will give you this and more.
Download the first part of the full Peak Power Hypnosis System powered by Trypnosis™audio technology for FREE today.
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