Monday, October 6, 2014

Being Free To Train However You Want

    It's important to have a discipline mindset and a foundation where you learn the basics and understand the mechanics but too many people restrict themselves both physically and mentally to a certain system where they believe it's the only thing in the world and everything else is crap. I get it that you would like to do one particular system of training and if it makes you happy awesome but I feel for others it's a thing where they're told this or told that and if their system doesn't work for them they're horrible people. It's not good for your health to be restricted to something when you may want to explore something else and use it to what gives you the best results you wanted to achieve. You are a human being, not a puppet on strings and you certainly don't need to be confined to a cage where you're extremely limited. You have options and it's up to you to find which ones suit you the best. It's all about being your own trainer.


    Some people take pride in punishing themselves to make themselves feel better or if they don't do it they're going to hate themselves. It's not just pushing yourself to your absolute maximum it's the mentality that if you punish yourself in your training something good will happen. Don't ever punish yourself; you don't always need to be hardcore and lift this heavy or do this many reps and sets all the time. Also at the same time don't punish yourself by restricting your progress because if you aren't hitting your goals don't hate yourself for it, change it up and find the solution not a problem or excuse. I have punished myself a few times in my training because I felt like if I can't keep up with this guy or do what he says in terms of what is this ideal way to train I'm no good but I take a step back and realize that by punishing myself I'm making things worse for myself so why do that when you can do things that can make you happy and give you reason to train with heart, passion and to feel invincible.


    Back to restriction; another thing to look at is in training a lot of trainers have these rules and feel like if you don't follow them according to their standards you're not worthy of their time and you just suck and don't deserve anything worthy, bullshit. One thing I learned in the near 10 years of following physical culture, chi kung and energy practices in my training is that you can have all the books and DVDs you can get your hands on and you can find the best systems but in the end it comes down to what takes you to the next level from a mental stand point and making progress on your own terms. You know your body better than anyone and it's up to you to find what can help you be pain-free, gain muscle, lose weight, burn fat, achieve great flexibility and endurance and in order to do that you have to throw the rule book out and train the way you want. Learn what you want to do, you're in control of what works and what doesn't. It's important to learn basic holds and movements from others but do them according to your body's structure and alignment and pace yourself within your own level. I've learned my training craft from the very best I can find and it's helped me learn who I 'am through my movements, my breathing, my thinking and the way I align my mind and body to do what works best for me. I don't have rules, I have freedom and that's what it all boils down to. Be free to do what works best according to you.


    The best training system(s) is what makes you happy to do them and they work for you. You get something out of it no one else can and you're not uptight about it. I don't worship every system I've come across and I certainly don't agree with everything I've learned from everybody but what works for me makes me happy and relaxed mentally to do them. You have a right to be happy and doing what gives you the best out of what you put in. It's not even like working out it's more of like playing around, having fun and taking it to another on your own terms and pushing yourself when you're ready not when someone else tells you to. Train with an attitude and don't let others tell you how to feel. You want to get results and in order to do so it starts with having an attitude and taking the chance to make it work for you, if it doesn't happen after a while, most likely that system isn't for you so you change things up, find exercises or workouts that are interesting to you and that help you progress at your own pace. Don't put yourself in a position where you feel like you have to do this or that and it's going to make you feel like crap later and you're fighting the whole time, train yourself to be happy and when you do train do it with the best of YOUR abilities.


    Hope you all had an awesome weekend and welcome to a new week. For most Mondays suck but they don't have to be and it's important to start a new week with an attitude of kicking ass and doing it with a smile. Be awesome and have a great day.



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