Monday, September 8, 2014

The Power Of Sprints

    It's not everyday you find exercise programs that are effective, quick and can turn you into a fat burning machine. The ability to generate great force in a short burst for up to no more than 30 seconds is something not many have been able to understand. Sprint Training can be not just using a hill or a track/field but can also be used in other areas and you'll still be able to burn fat. Think what it would be like to melt fat like a furnace and not only take away the sluggish form of your body but develop a more improved and healthier form. You can do this in the pool, jumping rope, squats, push-ups, running with weight, Power Walking or whatever is comfortable for you but also challenging. Hell you can do it on a treadmill if you chose to but nothing is more effective than hill sprints or sprinting on a track or field.


    There are a great number of athletes who can attest to the fact that sprints create a super charged nervous system that burns off fat, builds muscle and increases your natural hormones at an alarming rate. No athlete however can make claim to how powerful this training is than the elite sprinters (as Unger in The Longest Yard would say) because they are so fast they make fast people look not fast. The very best sprinters in the world (especially Usain Bolt at the moment) are great to learn from how to increase your speed just by learning some simple and effective techniques that can crush your own original speed. I have recently watched a documentary on Usain Bolt on how he trained for the various Olympics he was in and watched his technique with a close and he may not be the best at the start of a sprint but once he begins cranking up at about 20-30 meters of a 100/200 meter sprint no one comes close to keeping up with him it's insane. You can burn fat at a great rate but yet you can improve by just learning a couple techniques instead of hearing that "oh it's just hard work" bullshit.


    It's not always the hard work that gets it done, hell your workout isn't even that long; you're resting the majority of the time and your sprints last mere seconds. So even with a few techniques and a little effort on your part, get ready to jumpstart some insane hormones. As teenagers we go through puberty and for the most part our hormones are firing and it's crazy but as we get older especially by 35-40 things begin to shift by 1-3% per year as you age and it's not higher it's getting lower. It's not easy to start with sprints but like anything else if you're new to it you can't jump in and expect to be a fat burning machine on the first day and it's definitely not something to be done everyday. No more than 3 times a week and more than 8-10 sprints a workout. When you become accustomed to training like this and going hard as best as possible each workout that also keeps your body healthy and intact, you will burning fat and generating Human Growth Hormone at a rate of 525%, that's more than 10x than the amount you would receive if you got an injection or from pills. For men this is essential to keeping a youthful body and having great energy as you age; for women testosterone isn't as high as us but you do have it and can be balanced if you train right. This isn't to help you build a staggering amount of muscle and looking like Arnold or for you women looking like Chyna but it will help you lower your bodyfat, put on lean healthy muscle mass that is not bulky and looking grotesque and you will be generating more natural hormone levels that will increase your metabolism, making your skin more radiant, power up your endurance and it won't put on a strain on your joints like jogging does.


    Power it up by testing this out and see what it can do for you. I'm in my 3rd week of doing regular sprints and not only have I kept my weight down but I'm noticing the fat melting away rather quickly, sure I still have a way to go but it won't be long and as I lower my bodyfat, my eating will change to a more healthier style to get even greater results. I really don't diet and only eat when I'm really hungry and will have a healthy shake at least once a day using my Nurtibullet. Even with that kind of eating lifestyle I've still managed to stay under the weight I had a few months ago. Back in June I was nearly 262 pounds, the heaviest I've ever been in my life and now as of today I'm within the 250-255 range so I've lost over 7 pounds and put on a couple pounds of muscle just from adding sprints into my daily workouts. If I can do it so can you and I believe in you that you can make it happen, start with a brisk walk and powerwalk for 30 seconds and repeat starting 4x and build up to 8-10. Once you're able to sprint find a good field or better yet a hill that you relatively run up for 8-10 seconds and build up to 30. Twice a week might only be your best way for you for others three times a week works best but do what you can and just feel the sizzle of that fat melting off of you and underneath is a powerful body that can take down mountains and run through boulders.


    Hope you all had an awesome weekend and having a great Monday. Be awesome and if you want to still get coaching from me you can do so by getting $50 or more of your favorite products on this site and we can arrange to help you get started on your journey. Be safe and have a wonderful day.

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