Thursday, July 17, 2014

Taking Clubbing To The Next Level


     No I'm not talking about going out to a place of loud ass music or a high prestige gentlemen's club; I'm talking about real world-class strength and power. This type of clubbing comes from an Irish legend known as the Dagda (or Daghdha in Irish Folklore). Legend has it that a man of great warrior strength had two prized possessions; one was a cauldron that he used to cook meats and such to help feed the armies; the second was an extremely heavy club but this wasn't any ordinary club. This bad boy had two parts to and each side had a life and death entity. The top of the club was death because if it hit someone they instantly die but on the other end, below the handle it gave life. It's power within its handle gave strength and life like the legendary Thor's Hammer or Arthur's sword Excalibur.


    As the man conquered mighty tasks with the club it taught him valuable lessons in building strength not just in a physical macho type but within deep in his soul as he would need his wits (although he was a massive fellow) and he was a man of great heart and love but also a protector. Teaching is offspring the values of real strength, not by pure masculinity but by being a good nurtured soul and protecting the love ones you have and others. When you conquer a goal, you protect it and it has a special place in your heart, don't use it to boost ego or believe that because you made it happen you're better than the next guy, not true. When Dagda swung his club, he did with intensity and power that no man can match. In the story it took nine of the strongest men in Ireland to lift the man's club. Holding onto a club that heavy and powerful takes a special man (or woman) to harness that kind of strength.


    Milestones come and go in every person's life, sometimes we don't always realize what we achieve that changes the very course of your history and being. My two biggest milestones that hold a special place deep within me is surviving Meningitis and finding the strength to not only walk again but become far stronger than before. When you conquer something it doesn't matter if it's a PR in exercise or getting through a tough workout or even not in fitness, you made new headway in a sport, you got a major promotion in a company you love to work in; it applies to making yourself a better individual when you have the power to tower over what is blocking you. Hold onto those moments when something incredible happens because we don't get those moments everyday, they happen in certain points in your life that have a significance and everything happens for a reason.


    Get yourself a Club and swing yourself to power in the Dagda Program, learn to conquer not just lifting a heavy object but to learn to challenge your mind, create a strategy that will have you blasting sets/reps or whatever. Power and strength is within your grasp and don't ever let go of that power because not only is it yours but it is your duty to help others learn of its power so they can conquer their own goals and also you must protect it because only you have the power to conquer goals that are suited to you. Be a mighty warrior from within and bask in the glory of your own strength.


Be awesome everyone and keep kicking ass.

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