Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Super Strength In A Flash


            When many people go to the gym or train at home whatever, they believe that having an exterior body would make them happy and that if you have a great body you must be super strong and fit. Not always the case. You may have a fantastic body or striving to make one but strength most of the time comes from within. When you develop both a body internally and externally you are achieving more than what most people will accomplish.

            To develop an internal body you must harness your Chi or in other words Life Force. This can be achieved through meditation, qi gong practices, Tai Chi, or the 21st century of Chi Training called CoreForce Energy; the system that helps triggers the body’s movement and mindful entities to achieve super strength in an instant. Sure if you can lift a heavy weight you're strong, you can bend steel or hold a planche you're strong but how you think into those things with certain “torquing points” and speed at exact timing can turn them into a moment of instant power.

            The way to bring it out is by training your mind where to put certain things, how you think beyond what you see and where your focus points to. You can move in any direction you want and still have great strength to use. From my experience it’s using what are called imaginary spheres around certain points on my body that give me the strength for whatever I want to do whether it’s an exercise or opening a door, even carrying furniture to help someone move. It’s not just a strength and physical element, you can use it on how you talk, how you think differently and the way your body language is used.

            We all have this power from the day we were born to the day we die. Some of us achieve it at a high level only in like emergencies or the fight or flight concept but either way, we have super strength within us and we can harness it if we learned its direction and intent. What would it feel like to become 2-3 times stronger with only a few minutes of learning how to do it, would you want that? Most of us believe that our bodies cannot go more than 5% of what is normal strength at the highest peak but what if we moved that by even 1%; it would be astounding and surreal. No matter how old you are whether 10 or 100, you can bring out levels of strength that just boggles the mind and be able to do it without injury or having to think a whole lot and just in the snap of your fingers.

            It’s fascinating to learn and it’s fairly simple and yes it takes time to learn it just like everything else but even you have mastered even a small percentage of it, your strength and power will skyrocket, learn a bit more and you'll be begging to find out what you can do more but if you learn all of it and consistently the possibilities are limitless. Don't just learn all of it; take bits and chunks of it for whatever you want to do. The strength you have now will become a thing of the past and if you really master it, you can turn it off or on any time you want. 

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