Monday, November 11, 2013

Happy Veterans Day!!!!

           Wanted to wish all those kick ass men and women that are/or have fought for our country. You guys carry the banner and fight the battles that we never could. We do fight in our line of the country but nothing compared to the people who take down some of the biggest baddest dudes on the planet. Keep up the awesome work and to you Veterans, I salute you.

            Some of the training the military boys and gals go through is practically superhuman. It doesn't matter if you’re a ranger, SEAL, Marine or a Pilot, it takes more than guts to even mince through obstacle courses, the 3-4am wake up drills, the push-ups and the combat techniques it still pretty damn spectacular what these people go through.

            Although he’s fictional I consider this particular hero a run for this article and that is Captain America. He’s a man of principle and fights for the other guy. He brings heart and soul to his cause and he’s uncanny ability to take down even the toughest of bad guys. He’s a symbol of hope and what you can do when you put your heart into what you want to do. I believe without question he’d salute to each and every one of you that gave their lives.

            Whether you’re a veteran or already in the Military, from the rookie Private to the legendary Admirals, it’s important to be in tip top shape no matter how old are you. You don’t always have to do boot camp like training but maintaining your health and fitness should be a priority to all those who serve or have served. Exercise can improve moods, natural growth hormone and keep you strong and vibrant for life if you do it right. One exercise that gives you that profound upper/lower body strength is the Tiger Crawl, you’re ready to pounce on the enemy and take down the vicious beast that’s trying to overthrow you. Animal Training is a lot of fun to do and can keep you young and super strong. If you’re a lifter, you’d want to keep be strong and build natural functional muscle and put an end to those that drag you down and don’t want to see you succeed.

            Train hard, be strong and keep being you because as they say, heroes can be remembered but legends never die. Training the right way can help destroy depression and live your life even after those grueling missions and those death-defying tours. Be healthy you guys and those who are shipped out, come home and stay strong no matter what. You may be a soldier but also an incredible human being, never let that go. I salute you all and kick ass wherever you are.

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