Wednesday, October 2, 2013

No One Can Stop You from Your Goals

Hey all you maniacs,

Anyone ever tell you  can't do something?  

That your goals are hopeless whims?  

That you're too small, too old, too weak, or too inexperienced to do something?

Isn't that kind of like the story I told you the other day about how lobsters trapped in a tank will pull each other back down into it every time one of them tries to climb out?

Sound familiar?

You're too small...You'll never do that...You might as well give up...Unfortunately, training partners, family members, and people we know on-line can be just as vicious, spiteful and detrimental to our training goals.
But only if we let them...

It was a long-time belief that people with small hands would never be able to Lift the Blob.
And because of this, a lot of people with hands on the small side never even bothered to try, because all that time there were so many lobsters in the tank telling them they would never do it.

But, you know from the story I told you the other day about Brad Martin (you can read about it here) that even with hands under 7.5 inches long, he was able to do it.

You know that even though he didn't have his own Blob to train on, he was able to do it.

You know that even though he was brand new to grip training and had almost no special grip building equipmenthe was still able to defy all the odds and prove all the doubters dead wrong.

Brad did it using simple techniquessimple equipment, and common sense in his training.
When everyone else is pulling you down, saying you can't do it because of your hand size or lack of equipment, it is because they are trying to make you feel as bad as they do for never getting it done in the first place.

When you go to this page, you will find out exactly how you can lift the Blob, and along the way build the hand and grip strength that will become an asset to all the other training you do as well.
I can not emphasize enough you maniacs DO NOT DELAY. 
There is a special bonus offer on the table right now that you MUST act fast on.
If you wait too long, you will miss out completely.

Yours In Strength,


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This is the time that you prove anyone who's ever told you that you'd never amount to anything wrong.
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