Monday, October 14, 2013

Channel Your Energy To Do Your Bidding

            Everything starts with a thought, we think of things 24/7 but only using some of those thoughts to create action. When it comes to training, many of us think externally, trying to figure out what to lift, what muscles needed, how much weight, the hand and foot positions, is your back straight you catch my drift. We never really see how we can improve from internal points of view.

            If you want to achieve strength at a greater rate, you have to think differently. Knowing the lift or the exercise is only half the battle, think into the exercise itself. What would it feel like to have the surge of power to lift more or do more reps with ease? Your thought process turns into action by how you perceive it.

            Your imagination is the key. Thinking differently creates a different thought and it becomes a different action. Don’t always think of a million things at once; focus on using one thought, one action. Your hands are like magnets, they attract energy, picture your arms that are like steel cords that are fluid but super strong, your body is surging with electricity and every time you breathe, Zeus’ thunderbolt strikes more power into your body. You can make anything in your training happen with the right focus, the creative thought and you imagine something greater than what you already see.

            It’s about rewiring to create superhuman strength, using techniques that instantly charge your body. Create certain sounds that congruent with your thoughts and actions. You can change the very essence of your thoughts and double, triple maybe even quadruple your strength in a matter of seconds. When you master this, it gives you that extra edge and programs your body to do whatever you want. It’s the pinnacle of the mind-muscle connection. A very important detail to think about is using your actions with intent using what Bruce Lee calls Emotional Content. If you are going to lift something or do a particular bodyweight exercise, do it with emotion, do it with feel. When you do this, your strength and power will come much quicker and have more zap to it.

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