Friday, June 21, 2013

Why Learn Your History

               In the world of fitness, you learn a few things here and there but not many want to learn where certain things started or how they got there in the first place. In just about every program there’s a historical significance to it. Say you wanted to learn about Barbells and Dumbbells so you can get strong and usually the first people they learn about is Arnold Schwarzenegger or a today’s Ronnie Coleman or Jay Cutler. There’s a difference between lifting strength and bodybuilding. If you really want to learn about those two pieces of equipment you could really learn from guys like Reg Park, John Davis, Doug Hepburn, Arthur Saxon and quite possibly the strongest of them all Louis Cyr. The more you glimpse of what lifting’s history the more you’ll want to take it up.

            Strength Training dates back thousands of years as far as ancient India with the wrestling sport of Kushti where you learned to wrestle, run, swim, swing clubs and the mace which were used as weapons during a period when battles required the utmost of strength. In the golden eras of Greece and Rome, they had to train harder than most can fathom today and especially as soldiers because they learned how to handle a heavy sword or shoot tough arrows so they used a style of Isometrics in order to increase the strength and speed of the arrows in battle. Here’s something you may not have known but in the time of Leonardo da Vinci at a young age he was quite the athlete and even had strength to bend horseshoes.  You see, fitness and exercise ends up in places you didn't think were possible. Some of these vary same things are what makes training today even though mainstream training has become a nuisance.

            We've all seen records broken right after another but there are records that most people don’t even know exists. We've all heard at one point in sports like Basketball where the Boston Celtics won what 8 straight titles but what about one man who went 15 years undefeated in weightlifting in three different decades 1938-1953, that man was the legendary John Davis. How about another record that most likely will never be broken, The great Gama won 5000 matches in wrestling and not lost once, you know what record is more popular than that, Rocky Marciano’s Boxing record of being undefeated. Records come and go all the time and whenever we see one today there’s not much of big thing about it but think about what record breaking was like back in the 20’s, even when the 1900’s rolled in, it was huge. How about this, did you know that back in the early 20th century, pressing more than 350 lbs. overhead was unheard of and was the talks of the town, now imagine that weight being pressed overhead with one arm, got nothing to say now huh?

            No matter what you’re in whether its sports, music, weight lifting, Archeology or even certain types of science, learn the history, educate yourself. Continue to use your mind and you’ll soon understand why using the mind and body work together, not just in exercising but with everything. Something always started somewhere, learn where it came from and learn about the people that made those things happen. I just wish they can put the history of Physical Culture as an academic curriculum in schools such as High School and College. There’s a lot to be learned in this world and the more educated you are with the right tools of mind and body working together, you’re on the right path. 

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