Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Let The Hammer Fall

As of late because of the influence from Super Strongman Bud Jeffries, Sledgehammer Training has been going like hot cakes and why is that? We all realize a hammer is just a hammer or is it, what’s the significance of having this monstrous looking object? It is actually one of the most important tools that can be used to jack up your conditioning like burgers to a grill. You don’t need to look like pretty boy Chris Hemsworth of Thor fame or the folk legend John Henry, hell you don’t need massive muscles to be able to handle it but yet if you want to take a hold of that Hammer, you need a slice of mind power to even take a few exercises on.

            When you bring that powerful hammer down and hit a good solid tire, picture that tire as if it was someone trying to kill you or you have to dig the biggest hole or better yet, picture in your mind, that you’re taking down a building or structure say a pyramid or knocking holes as if you were in the Temple Of Doom alongside Indiana Jones, he’ got the whip, you got the hammer. Training with a different mindset can change your body’s movement within the snap of your fingers, if you just picture hitting a tire that’s cool and all but where the passion in that is, it’s pretty dull. Your tire is your enemy, make it your bitch.

            One of the coolest hammers there is, is Thor’s Hammer. Just being able to hold that thing has something special, something that gives you power and strength the moment you use it. When you train with it, it’s almost like you’re striking fear into those who can’t do it or handle it. For having that Thor mindset, you want to make that Hammer feel worthy only to you, nobody else and picture as if someone else tried to use your hammer but can’t move it like you, swing it like you or even strike terror into a tire like. It’s a feeling like in the movie; nobody can move the Hammer except Thor, in the Legend of King Arthur pulling the Sword From The Stone only one is worthy to take hold of the sword. I love shit like that, kind of reminds me of another reference, in Highlander there can be only one. Might as well be you.

            The sound of striking a hammer is powerful, thunderous even mystical that even the great God himself can be proud of and hearing the sound of Odin cheering your way to victory. Victory isn't always a winning title but victory is the inner power within that fights even when he’s struck down in the face of battle and keeps going until his dying breath. Thunder & Lightning are at your feet; just waiting for you to take what’s yours and pass that knowledge onto those who deserve its power and its secrets. You are powerful, strong and cunning and within you is a soul that is waiting to unleash hell and give everything you have to make everything worth while. Let the hammer fall and make that hammer apart of you as the sword is to the Samurai. Feel it, see it and hear the power of the gods giving you the power you deserve. 

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