Monday, September 10, 2012

How To Feed Your Vampire Strength


Being a fan of vampires ever since the Blade films has had me gotten me quite anxious as to how they have their powers, from reading books to watching the films to learning Physical Culture there has to be some way to have that type of power. I realize some of you aren’t vampire fans and don’t like seeing someone being bit on the neck and have blood gushing out but come on, in some cases you got to look outside the box and lurk into the mystery, romance and fierce power of The Creature Of The Night.

 When I’m talking about Vampires I’m not talking about that Twilight crap, sorry but as much as I love coffin rising dead bites, Twilight just never cut it with me and will never understand it. Back to the task at hand, having that Vampire Strength and power just has an aura of unbelievable proportions and to obtain it is not that far of a reach as you might think and it doesn’t take being bit on the neck to get it, if you don’t believe me look to my man Cees de Kok who knows a thing or two about being a Vampire.

To get a perspective, vampires need to feed off of blood to stay immortal, keep away from crosses, garlic and holy water, for the real world, to keep your powers from slipping, moving your body throughout the day doing little effective exercises that don’t drain you but feed your energy and power and staying away from people who give you that negative energy, people that don’t believe in what you’re doing and also people who think they’re better because they have some kind of “expertise.” A vampire has the wisdom of centuries, knows every little trick about strength, stealth and combat, in your mind, clear out all the crap that you think won’t work and be open about it. Cees has been an athlete all his life and has knowledge in Acrobatics and Gymnastics that most trainers will never comprehend therefore if he knows what goes into being ready for anything, people should stop and listen.

 In regards to sleep, every creature needs it, even vampires. Sleeping helps the body rejuvenate itself and helps you bring all that energy back when you get up in the morning. Now I realize some of you don’t always sleep very well and some have trouble even getting out of bed but if you’re willing to learn, I would think some of you can find a way to teach your mind to tell your body that “When I wake up, I’m going to be ready, be strong and be energized.” Have you ever heard of a vampire who was an insomniac? Didn’t think so, he’d have to be very sneaky to find a way to stay out of the daylight if he wants to stay up but for the most part they’re pretty much dead during the daytime (pun intended). Look at it this way, in your mind, when you go to sleep, you’re building your superhuman powers, when you wake up, you’re as strong if not stronger the day before.

 Every little thing counts. When you learn to exercise throughout the day, you’re feeding your energy to increase your alertness, strength and fitness, do not do so much it drains you, doing tons of reps on every exercise is not always the thing to do, putting in too much can make you weak, it’s like a vampire taking in too much blood when he/she feeds, take too much, it could die. Whenever you can, sneak in an exercise and just do enough to wear it gets you fired up, you can even do it when you wake up or when you’re ready for bed. You do have power beyond belief and to harness them, we must use our minds and our bodies together in unison to create that perfect harmony and consistency just for you. Find your inner Vampire and learn to use the powers already within reach, it’s only a matter of time before you have been bitten, risen from the dead and have new, profound strength and monstrous power that nobody can take a hold of. Have you been bitten yet?  

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