Monday, September 3, 2012

Be Proud To Wake Up In The Morning

Most people really hate getting up in the morning because they have to work or take care of kids and feel like crap from some of those nightless sleeps. To avoid this, practice your thinking and how it helps you be energized when you do wake up in the morning. The usual thinking “god I hate waking up, 5 more minutes.” How often have you heard that one whether you’re working, going to school or whatever? Changing your thinking can make you or break you as you decide what to do when you wake up.

 Creating a mindset using positive thinking and the will to say to yourself “I’m getting up and it’s going to be awesome.” Being able to create Vitality is a powerful and effective tool to build that energy that just makes you fly with gusto and vigor. Waking up shouldn’t be a bad thing, it should be a great thing because when that sun hits you in the morning and that warmth just surrounds your body, it really feels good.

 One of the best things you can do when you wake up is waking up with a smile and give your body great and powerful energy that just nourishes your system where when you get up you’re ready for whatever the day lies ahead. Exercising in the morning is a vital ingredient to your success in creating energy that gives you strength and power throughout the day. Now I’m not saying you wake up and have no choice but to exercise, what I’am saying however is that exercise, even for 5 minutes can be the best start to your day. A key component is to strengthen your body from the inside meaning by breathing deeply and when you stretch make it an Isometric exercise by squeezing the muscles for a few seconds and let that energy flow out as you exhale. Trust me it’s worth the try.

 Strengthening your joints after getting up is crucial because keeping them loose brings not only great energy but gives you great power and strength to do things throughout the day. Believe me, 15 minutes of loosening your joints is not all that long and it keeps you from being stiff and slow. A lot of people don’t do this and this is why there’s aching backs, stiff necks, tight shoulders, crackling ankles and bad knees. Being able to move without aching is a beautiful feeling and your body can move faster and more efficient when you have taken care of the pieces that hold your body together. Too many focus more on muscle than on tendons and ligaments and that’s not a good thing as that can lead to injuries you don’t want or don’t need at all, it’s better to pull a muscle than rip a tendon, I know trust me, I’ve gotten my legs broken.

 The number one key ingredient to having a great wake up call is the one thing mot take for granted and that’s Deep Breathing. There’s an old saying from Martin Farmer Burns which you can find here, said “Deep Breathing exercises alone can make many a weak man strong and many a sick man well.” When you breathe, you’re taking in life that is needed, we can go for weeks without food, days without water but can’t hold our breath for more than a few minutes before we pass out or end up dead. Breathing deeply after waking up and bringing in that powerful energy goes a long way to having better health,stronger immune systems and fighting off diseases like heart problems, diabetes, insomnia, lung issues, all kinds of things. If all else before diet and exercise, learning how to breathe should be your health’s number one priority and you can do this by meditation, qi gong, a favorite using a system to build super strength and speed or even working on Isometric Exercise. Don’t forget to breathe and wake up with power, positive energy and unlimited vigor. 

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