Thursday, June 21, 2012

Getting Mad? Get Out & Train

We all have certain emotions that get to us through stress, certain people in your life and many other things but getting mad and taking it out on the wrong things can lead you to a path of destruction that you will have a lot of trouble getting back from. I have had a bit of temper and it makes me sometimes the biggest ass in the world. Whenever I got mad at something, it drove me to a point where I have put holes in door with one blow of my fist and have thrown certain things at a wall or even have punched my own window and shattered every square inch of glass from one hit. I’m not ashamed to admit this and have paid a price with scars both physically and emotionally. So after a few years of self discovery I wanted to learn to control my temper.

 Anger isn’t always the healthiest thing to have because it could affect your body in ways we can never understand and if you’re prone to high blood pressure it’s as fatal as you can get. Instead of just being angry and going off on someone or hit/smash anything, it’s better to just really walk away and whoever said “Oh if you’re mad just go hit a pillow till you cool off” must’ve been out of their god damn mind because that kind of thing will make things worse for you. One of my favorite de-stressers is just training, getting out and moving around, if you have a tire and a hammer, take it and pound that tire, one teacher showed me what you can do with a heavy medicine ball and just throw it down on the ground until you can’t take it anymore. Stress can make you crazy but doing something productive to channel your rage is healthier than just running around being angry at something.

 I have learned that when you’re mad or angry and you feel like you want to hit something or somebody, might as well be hitting yourself because you’re going to hurt yourself more than taking something out on someone or whatever. You want to find a way to relax and have those endorphins kick in that give you that sense of bliss. If you really want to get a natural high, go sprint on the track or up a hill and see how long it takes you to stop being angry. Sometimes training doesn’t always help, its understandable but that’s one way to help balance your emotions. Another way to balance things out if you get angry is to just walk away, go for a walk and breathe deeply, instead of breathing in anger, breathe in blissfulness and breathe inner strength, if you live near a lake or the ocean, go for a swim or go to your local pool and do a few laps, anything to get your mind off things and be happy with yourself.

 Lashing out in a positive manner can actually help you find what is wrong with your emotions and how you can prevent going into a big rage and turn into the incredible hulk and hurting someone. Sometimes certain people can’t control their emotions so they take meds to calm them down and even that can be harmful on the body itself. There are even people out there who beat the person they love so it’s complicated sometimes. Doing something productive that won’t harm you or others or objects is a great thing to balance out certain problems you may have just use it a safe manner that way it’s a win-win for everyone. I personally have never physically hurt anyone in my life and intend to keep it that way because if I did that I’m no better than a possible murderer so being smart about your emotions is a good practice to learn and use in a safe and healthy manner. Don’t hurt others or yourself.

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