Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Isometrics & The Limitless Possibilities

Since ancient times, Isometrics has been used for many forms of strength, health, war and longevity. Think of the Archers of Greece and Mongolia, those guys went through a series of combat training techniques that in order to successfully shoot an arrow through the bow, they had to use muscles they normally wouldn’t use on the battlefield. The strength of those bows was so fierce that they practiced on bows that could not be pulled all the way back. When they finally had the bows in battle, the velocity of the arrows was amazingly fast. Speed is another cornerstone of Isometrics, not just strength.

 In the early 16th century an Indian Buddhist traveled to China and taught the monks how to get in shape because at that time, Shaolin practices was mostly meditation and building on enlightenment but not for also being in physical shape. This Buddhist sat in a cave for nine long and meditative years to find the inner strength to not only rebuild him but help rebuild others. After the near decade long hideout, he began training the monks in a way they have never practiced before and one of their requirements for reprogramming their philosophies was to practice Isometrics. After many practices and a few 500+ years later, these monks are now considered the real life Jedi and masterful athletes of many arts in Kung Fu, Win Chun and other forms of Martial Arts.

 Wrestling is man’s oldest sport, it’s a fact whether you like it or not and it’s by far one of if not the most disciplined sport in the world. The training is tougher than any other and with its many styles going as far back as ancient Egypt or earlier; it is one of the most rigorous forms of training by far. In the early 20th century and in the modern era, two wrestlers took isometrics to the extreme in their style of wrestling was Dan Gable and quite arguably the most feared wrestler of the modern age and that’s The Great Gama of India. In my opinion, no two wrestlers were better at using isometrics than the two I’ve just mentioned. When Gable was in school, he uses to grip class desks so hard that at one time, it ripped right off. His pinning style was so fierce that not even men twice his size could get out of it, that’s how powerful he was for a guy who was no more than 155 lbs. He went undefeated in the ’72 Olympics and didn’t surrender one point during his quest for the gold. Was Isometrics part of the reason, you tell me? Gama however was a massive man of power, strength and conditioning that no man before or since has topped. When he uses to rise in the early mornings before training, he would take a belt and wrapped it around a tree and do with all his might to rip the tree out of its roots. He never took the tree out but after many years of doing this, he threw guys around the pit as if they were rag dolls and they weren’t small guys either, he once threw a 290 lb. wrestler 13 times in 13 minutes. He was undefeated in a staggering 5000 matches and just about every known wrestler at that time never wanted to take him on, not even the two biggest names of the time Frank Gotch & George Hackenshmidt. Again, did Isometrics play a role? You be the judge.

 Isometrics is practically the very best system in the world that teaches you to break through your weak points in the range of motion category whether you’re a lifter, gymnast, fitness fanatic or an athlete, this type of training will skyrocket your strength and speed to levels you have never imagined before. When you hit a rough spot in your training it’s frustrating to push beyond it and Isometrics done with a proper structure can increase your range of motion beyond its own limits.

 One of the most awesome displays of Isometrics is through Muscle Control; you flex and relax the muscles. This is probably one of the very few times that isolation is a good thing. Mastering this teaches you to infuse your mind and body together as you learn to contract various muscles from a single point on the body that contracts and relaxes. One of the best known masters of this was Otto Arco, not only was he superhuman in this type of training but this helped him wrestling, hand balancing, Gymnastics and weightlifting. The way he could transfer from one muscle to the next was nothing like anyone had seen before or since.

 In my opinion from personal experience and learning from some of the best in the world, Isometrics is one of the golden keys to developing superhuman strength because it hits the body in ways weights and bodyweight exercise in their ranges of motion can’t touch. Just the feeling of flexing so hard for a period of time and then relaxing is one of the best highs you can have. There are a limitless amount of exercises to choose from to do Isometrics and can be done just about anywhere at anytime. It develops the mind/muscle connection in a way that can’t be duplicated and it’s one of the toughest forms of strength training there is but the rewards are endless. Take the time to practice Isometrics and you will see how it can be applied in ways you never thought of before. It’s well worth the practice.

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