Friday, May 4, 2012

Are You Not Entertained????

This is the very first guest article in the near 5 years of Power & Might....Please show some love for my man and fellow Physical Culturist, Matti Marzel.....

Is this not why you are here?

Yeah I know, a very weird way to open up an article. But I have very good reasons to start an article this way with these exact questions! Let me explain further…
These 2 questions and the movie scene they come from, have a lot to do with Training and with getting MAJOR RESULTS from your Training in the long run! You see, ALL the very STRONG dudes in the world see their Training as a Fun Journey, an Interesting Quest, or Wild Adventure! Think I’m making this up? Go head and think whatever the hell you like. But instead of being close-minded (like most of the population is nowadays), put all your disbeliefs & pre-programmed thoughts aside and be open-minded for a second and bear with me!

Let’s take an PRIME example of a person that looks at his Training as an Crazy, Wild & Fun Adventure! Yours truly, that’s right! Me, Myself & I! I take myself as an example, because I know more about myself then anyone else in the world, and especially the Physcial Culture World!

The way I look at my own Training, wether it’s in the shortrun or the longrun, is this: Before I train, I take a deep breath, go visualize while I’m under Hypnosis, use Affirmations to install more and greater beliefs in myself, and then I also trigger & fire Anchors in my mind and connect that to my body! After I’v done that and I’m already in a very calm, deep, relaxed & energized state, then I watch a movie scene, listen to music or think about a specific thought in my head!

In this case, we’ll take the movie scene from the CLASSIC movie “Gladiator”! Once I went through all the Visualization, Hypnosis, Affirmations & Anchors. I take (in this case) the “Are you not entertained” movie scene and summon up & call upon specific emotion(s) when I see it, thus using emotional content and channeling those emotional contents in my body and connecting them with the Anchors that I triggered & Fired in my head previously! Put those 2 together, the Emotional Content & the Anchors, and you’ll get Emotional Anchors! You also want to look deeper into Goosebumps and the huge benefits they providde! Wich I go into way more and in deeper details in my FREE Bonus Opt-in report! Wich you can claim on the right hand side of my site once you’ve signed up/subscribed with your name and e-mail adress! Once you’ve read the WHOLE report, you’ll have a way deeper & better understanding of what I’m talking about!

So that’s the FIRST example as to why these questions have to do with Training! Now that we’ve covered the first and MOST important part, let’s move on to the second part, wich is the Training itself! I’m telling you right here and right now! If YOU don’t see and look at your Training as an Fun Journey, an Interesting Quest, or Wild Adventure (or ALL of them together!). Then you’re basically wasting your precious time! Why? Because having these Emotional Content mixed together and intergrated into your Training and every being of your body makes the Training a LOT better, more time efficient & effective in the longrun! And that’s exactly where I’m aiming at in this article: the Longrun!

In other words: Training HARD, Intensively & Productively into very old age! Wich is something a lot of people want, wether they admit it or not! Even when they don’t really know it, it’s somewhere deep inside of them and once they realize it and are smart enough to take actions, then they would enjoy their Training Adventure/Quest/Journey a lot more! Guarenteed!

I’d say the #1 Reason why most of the worlds population don’t want to live into very old age (80+ and above), is because they think & have been brainwashed by the stupid dumbing down society, that when you reach the age of 70, that it’s ALL downhill from that point on. In other words, you can’t possibly become STRONGER, Healthier, More Resillient & Powerful at that age, no way man. But, is that the truth? I’m pretty sure that even the most sickest and weakest people in their old age know and realize somewhere in the back of their minds, that they could STILL be very STRONG, Powerfull, Healthy & Robust! Even when they have reached the age of 70 and beyond.

Being sick and weak at that age, wich is basically just a LACK of excersise & movement (Plus living a sedentary lifestyle, sitting too much, eating junk & crap, not sleeping enough etc. etc.). And that goes for the Body as well as the MIND! And in my humble opinion, the mind even more so then the body. The mind has got to be trained as intensively, hard and dilligently as the body! That way you’ll age Gracefully, Healthy and Strongly, with a lot of life & enthousiasm left in you!

And that brings me to another point of this whole discussion. The reason why almost EVERYBODY in the world loves movies, series & games so much, is because, to be quite honestly, they’re live is just BORING as hell without them. Just think about this for a second, the average Joe goes about his life living like half a robot. He wakes up to an alarm clock (BARF!), hates his own guts because he got woken mercilessly out of his deep sleep (wich is VERY Important btw! And I will deliberate on that in future articles) by that annoying f-cking sound. Then he goes to work, he’s working and socializing with people that he could give a f-ck less about. Acts (as in acting) and puts on a fake smile & persona when he’s at work (most of the time, not always, again this is an example!). Feels even shittier about himself, because he can’t do the things in life he truly enjoyes from deep inside his heart and soul!

Then when the time for work is over, he gets back home. Then he has to do as much FUN stuff as he can, wich is inevitably a lot of sitting and watching the Idiot Box a.k.a TV (wich I said before, but I will say it again, because it’s worth repeating: it’s very bad for you!), but he doesn’t have the time to do ALL of the things he wants to do. And he knows that he has to Train, everbody needs to train, for the reasons discussed earlier and to keep it that way into very old age, and then some! So then he comes up with EXCUSES, wich are actually LIES in Disguise and worth NOTHING! So he makes up these lies and keeps on telling it to himself day in and day out! Untill he reaches an age where his metabolism (wich is very CRUCIAL for anti-aging properties and a whole lot more!) starts to slow down to almost an halt! Wich leaves him feeling older, weaker, more tired, crappier, sicker & basically ready for the SCRAP YARD, so to speak.

But NOOOO, not excersising, god forbid he trains hard, sweats, breathe heavy and actually becomes a lean, mean fighting machine. Because that’s not important at all right? No, it’s better to live an UNFULLFILLING piece of shit life, where you feel like CRAP 90% of the time, if not more. Getting the frustrations out on your loved ones, and basically at the end of the day disrespecting & dishonouring YOURSELF! Wich in my opinion, is so stupid and retarted to do, but hence, MOST people nowadays do that to themselves, men and women alike. Yeah, go figure. In this day and age? What the hell is this world coming to? Right?

Obviously when I said that Excersising & Training is not important, I was being VERY Sarcastic. For the strong dudes, women, family, friends & people that know me, they knew that already. But for the people that are reading this for the first time and only just signed up or started to read articles on my site not so long ago. I’m telling them (YOU!) that I’m being sarcastic over here! Actually being so damn sarcastic makes me feel like CRAP, but I do it for a very good and legit reason, and that is to teach YOU, whoever you are that is reading this, that it doesn’t have to be that way and that you can definitely take charge of your life. Grab it by the throat, shake it upside down and take control of it however you want!

And there’s where Training and living this kind of lifestyle comes in very handy and feels like an Awesome Movie-like Adventure! I literally wake up everyday and say to myself: HELL YEAH, today I’m going on another Adventure, Quest or Journey! Just like Indiana Jones does in his movies (for example, and what a GREAT example that is!). I’m the hero of this Adventure and the good part is, I ALWAYS win in the end! Just like in the movies. First the Hero embarks (either by his own doing or not!) on the Journey, then he stumbles upon his enemy or enemies (wich are Plateaus, TOUGH Mental Excersises, Inner Fears & injuries etc.). He goes against them ALL by himself, fighting against any and all of them 1-by-1 or all together, and defeats them in the end!

In real life however, this translates into the fact that you can and WILL conquer your inner fears, blast through Plateaus, DESTORY & DEMOLISH the TOUGH Mental Excersises & Exterminate Injuries by outsmarting them!

If this doesn’t sound like a Phenomenal and Fun way to look at Training, Physical Culture and the whole lifestyle that goes along with it, then I don’t know what does. Looking at it, living and experiencing it in this way, and from this point of view, is EXACTLY like a movie! A wild thriller-horror-action movie that is! And guess what? YOU’re the Hero and Main Character of the whole damn thing!

So, my 2 Final questions for you, my friend are:

Are You Not Entertained? Is this not why you are here?

Go out there and Kill it like Aurelius Maximus in Gladiator, and give them a show they won’t forget in a lifetime! Go own your Training & most importantly: Your OWN Life!

Have at it and Good luck in your Training!

In Strength & Health!

Matti Marzel!!!!!

P.S. If that scene didn’t get you Fired up, Psyched and Hyped as hell to Train Hard & Rip Sh*t up, then my friend, you got a BIG problem and you should check your Estrogen Levels, and Get them the hell out of your body and replace that with big dosesses of High Octane Testosterone! I know Mike Mahler would agree with me for a FULL 100% on this matter!
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