Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Force Is Real

Let’s get something straight, unless you’re a magician, there’s no way in hell you can levitate objects. Now that we got that out of the way, the force has a lot of truth in how you can generate great strength and speed at the drop of a hat. The way it works is how you incorporate imagination, breathing and the way your body moves. With regular practice you can triple your strength in a shorter amount of time then the amount of years you spent training. With regular practice, you can have matrix-like movement where it’s fluid, graceful and above all strong.

 No matter what you believe in the fitness world, having 20 inch arms, a six pack and a puffy chest won’t mean jack S*it if you look like Tarzan but have the strength of Jane. Real superhuman strength comes from the power of your mind. There’s an old saying, “If you think you can or can’t, you’re right.” The power of belief in your imagination can help you generate strength beyond your own assumptions of how strong you can really be. The mind is your greatest weapon and if you looked deep inside yourself, you can generate real world-class strength without lifting weight or needing to have a muscular body. One man who can show you the most comprehensive system of creating the ultimate strength from the inside is Master Strength Trainer and Concert Virtuoso Garin Bader.

 Yoda said “A Jedi’s strength flows from the Force.” What that means is that your strength has the ability to flow from within and how you see yourself finding that flow of power and your ability to control it any way you want to. The secret is within your imagination and how you can use sounds to test your power. The power of sound can make all the difference of where your strength relies in. Take the “BAM” for example, what does it feel like? In reality it’s powerful but has no give, no speed to go with it and above all, it’s slow and complicated. Now take another word like “WA-KAHH”, the Bruce Lee sound when he knocks out a guy without ever having him known what hit him. What does it sound like? In reality, it’s fast, fluid, and powerful plus builds a torque point that generates momentum that has just as much speed as it has strength. What you want is to generate momentum and find a torque point that shoots like a bolt of lightning and gives you that surge of strength that just flows like water.

 Jack Lalanne once said “Imagination is the elixir of life.” What that means is that the images you can create in your mind can give you a sense of life that can make or break your spirit and confidence. Our imagination is the first thing we think about before we take action kind of like thinking before acting on a certain task. Inventors are extremely imaginative and have created things that help us in our daily lives. The old-time strongmen had imaginations beyond the average person’s own mindset. When they were young and had certain health issues, they imagined themselves being strong and having dreams of being a superhero with the strength of ten men and the body of a Greek god, if you don’t believe me, look up guys like Maxick, Doug Hepburn, Otto Arco, John Grimek, George Hackenshmidt and one of the most beloved men in the history of Physical Culture Joseph Greenstein aka The Mighty Atom.

 When you learn to harness the power of the Force, you can create strength that goes up and up each time you use it and amp up your conditioning to levels unheard of before and do so without causing injury. Garin Bader had made a living harnessing this power and it’s given him a powerful presence not only in his strength but in his performance on the stage with playing the piano, gliding on a silk curtain, using his gifts as a magician and have the key eyes of a magnificent sculptor. The way he has taught this power gives you a whole new perspective on strength training that you won’t find anywhere else and only a handful of masters know its true power.

 Practice this type of training often and you will see a new found confidence in your presence of people, the energy that will feed off of you like electricity and the strength you can develop will stagger your friends and yourself. I’m a student of this practice and because of it’s teachings I can move light on my feet at a bodyweight of over 240 lbs. You will see how everything blends together and gives you the raw power and fluidity of your body that craves strength, that wants that super speed and it all can be yours if you open your mind to it.


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