Wednesday, April 18, 2012

13 DVDs That'll Turn You Into A One Man Wrecking Crew

At a recent workshop this year, Logan Christopher & Bud Jeffries took on a whole new deminsion of Physical, Mental & Emotional Conditioning that will have you bring out whole new levels of strength, power and muscle. You will find a plethora of new info on Isometrics, Kettlebell training, bodyweight exercise and various feats of strength.

There has never been a set of this Super Human caliber. Just when you thought everything was done, well you will learn something new on these bad boys because these two powerhouses of might and muscle will take you through program after program of powerful info you will not find anywhere else. Find out about the "Prison" workout that Bud demonstrates that will take your Kettlebell conditioning to a whole new level with just two exercises. Learn the Mental secrets that give you the power to climb past plateaus you thought you couldn't get past. Get the inside scoop on how Isometrics in their fashion can lead you to a whole new world of super strength, speed and power beyond belief.

This isn't just a set of DVDs, this set will set the standard for what you can achieve beyond your own beliefs. As you will see, these masters will show you a different prespective on training that you're not use to or have ever seen before. Find out how a simple 50-100' rope will give you Super Human endurance, get a sneak peak into the realm of mace swinging and kettlebell juggling unlike anything before. Training is a lifestyle and when you learn from two men at the top of their game, you will find yourself never having a boring workout ever again. Conditioning takes on a whole new meaning when you get your hands on a monster set like this.

Becoming Super Human is a work in progress but if you give your open mind to these individuals, you will see results faster then a speeding bullet and you can even find yourself turning into the Incredible Hulk once you learn to harness the power within you that takes your levels of strength into the stratosphere. Workouts will come and go but your ability to find out the one's that bring out the best in you will stay with you forever.

Many things have been done but there are still secrets out there that will teach you how to build muscle, lose fat, burn calories and give you energy beyond belief the fastest way possible and you can do it drug-free. Get yourself on the band wagon and become a Super Human. You are the only person stopping you from taking your inner powers to a level beyond imagination. Welcome to the world of Super Human Training.

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