Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Stretching For Strength

When you think of flexibility, you normally think of limberness, a few stretches and stretching a few muscles but what if you can gain strength while becoming flexibile? How's that possible? There's no such thing as building strength while stretching, or is there?

There are a lot of things wrong with modern flexiblity in the mainstream gyms and even the Yoga classes. But wait, Yoga is suppose to make you limber and lighten your life and body. Truth is the one mistake people forget about stretching is to breathe and use their mind to break through the stiffness. Flexibility is beyond just common stretching. When I think of flexibility I think, loose joints, stretching beyond the muscles and tendons and strengthening the body from every possible angle.

How's it possible to create strength while stretching? Simple really....Use tension in the various exercises like you learn here. Tension creates strength period. However if you also want to move up even a centimeter in your stretches, you have to relax. Isometric Stretches is not moving a muscle but flexing in certain positions and after a few seconds, release and go a little further. Loosening the joints is critical as it opens the body and gives you a sense of bliss as the looser you are the more flexible.

One of the greatest techniques to unlocking your flexibility potential is what's called the Ice Cube Concept. No it doesn't involve actual ice cubes or the Rap legend sorry to disappoint you. What this technique is that you visualize your muscles as if they were a block of ice. each time you stretch, you inhale for a few seconds and when you exhale that ice melts just a little and you go a little further. This is one of the coolest secrets in fitness as to increase your flexibility by a small percentage each time you breathe in and out. You don't want to go all out at anytime whether you're new to stretching or a veteran, be patient, be mindful and think relax, relax.

Strengthening the tendons is a major key not just in flexibility but just as important as strength. The bands and bones holding your body together are more important then the muscle tissue as if to say it's better to pull a muscle then tear a tendon, believe me the pain difference is major between the two. Loosening up the joints are more then just being flexible, you're mobile, you're agile and you are dangerous if your joints are flexible an your tendons are really strong.

When you practice the course that you can get here....You will never look at stretching the same way again. This is the same program that had me go from a stiff 230 lbs weightlifter to a 245 lbs mobile workhorse with powerful tendons and pain-less joints. This can increase your flexibility as fast as 30 days or less. Some will be faster then others but I increased mine within less then a couple days if not the first hour, that's how awesome and powerful this one course is.

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