Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Condititioning For Catch Wrestling

No matter what sport you're in, you can have the talent, the techniques and the know how all you want but if you arn't in condition then you're going to die out within a short period of time. Other sports can be rough and can tear you down but nothing takes the place of wrestling and not WWE style but shooting and submission or in other words Scientific Wrestling.

Conditioning for wrestling is a whole different breed of fitness. It takes heart, it takes inner power and to prove you're tough enough. Even for some WWE wrestlers when they first began training in certain cities around the country and the world never experienced anything this type of conditioning, some have been through boot camps in the NFL, in College even one in the Navy SEALs had never experienced a type of conditioning. Karl Gotch however took training and conditioning to a level that was unheard of at the time. He took basic principles of conditioning and molded them into a way where it was effective, it worked and it made you or broke you as an athlete.

One of the most important aspects of conditioning is Bridging. Working not just the neck but working the whole body as a unit and taking your level of strength and functional muscle building to a stratosphere that you cannot imagine unless you have experienced it. There are many ways to do the bridge so you have a variety of what you can do but you also need to learn to work your body at as many as you can.

When you combine the bridge with Squats & Push-ups you will become a lethal conditioning machine. When you use these for the Karl Gotch Bible by using a deck of cards your conditioning will soar beyond the skies and beyond the moon. Sticking to the fundementals will take you further in your fitness, your health and in your sport. For wrestling, real wrestling, conditioning is key and I hope I can use this right because i'm very passionate with conditioning, to quite Karl Gotch "Wrestling and Conditioning go together like a horse and carriage, one without the other is worthless. The most expensive car won't run without water, gas and oil." He was right and beyond. He got it right on the dot and I give the late Gotch all the respect he deserves and I wished I had met him before he died, it would've be a real honor.

Get into the heart of conditioning and learn the character of what real wrestling is and how all these wrestlers are just in fantastic condition.

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