Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Meaning Of Hard Work In Physical Training

Brooks Kubik...Author of Dinosaur Training is one of the guys I admire that values the meaning of hard work in Physical Training. Why do you need to work hard to get the results? Because it takes more then just flowing through the exercises. Working an exercise into the ground can either make you or break you as a trainee. Training safely with hard training is a common sense purpose and not working so hard into the ground that you get injured.

Commitment is one of the keys to training hard. You have to be committed to the training you're doing that day and making yourself beat the exercise. Exercises can beat you at times but your commitment to at least inch your way past them is a secret of hard training. I've been doing routines for a while now on a divided schedule where I work specific muscle groups on a given day and I drive those exercises into the ground to the point where its tough to breathe and sweating like Niagara Falls. I want to make my exercises hard and keep it at a minimum time and at a max level.

Hard work in your training means you push yourself to levels at times that almost seems nonhuman to the untrained eye. Others will tell you to drive yourself into the ground until you can't get up and that's really unethical but others will also tell you that hard work is hard work and nothing else will do. Here's a real secret that those dumbasses will never tell you.....Hard Work takes mental strength, takes guts to go through a tough exercise or routine, hard work is a game against yourself and only you can win or lose. No one can really tell you how tough you are or how committed you are, the only thing that matters is you putting in the work.

Creating the machine in you doesn't happen overnight or a week after training, it has to come from within. That ultimate power within you to take your training to unspeakable levels and one of my favorite examples is from a strongman I've gotten to learn from recently and hopefully have the pleasure to shake his hand up close one day is Mike Bruce. A former Marine who had a rough childhood grew up and became a soldier, a fighter, a strongman and now a husband. He truly is what his nickname personifies and that's being the machine. Hard Work comes in all shapes and sizes but one thing that any country has the same language, hard work makes you tough as an individual.

If you are new or just a fan of physical culture I encourage you to learn about the Old-Time strongmen, wrestlers, weightlifters and bodybuilders of the 20's, 30's, 40's and 50's. Study how they used hard work to create superhuman results and how much it makes you a person of character when you train hard no matter what the type of training it is. Learn from them and learn for yourself. Train hard, be tough and get the job done.

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