Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Packing Effortless Power

The true power of strength is not external but internal. The strength of the mind has limitless possibilites as the strength of your muscles can only go so far. One way to look at it as what the Mighty Atom called the Infinite Light. This also refers to the life force as said in china with Qi, Japan with Ki, India with Prana and the christian faith call the power of god. These all share the same goal and objection to create ultimate power from within.

Another way to look at it is called CoreForce Energy where you learn to channel your mind to create effortless power and speed. A great example of this is Bruce Lee's One-inch punch demonstration where between his fist and mans chest is just over a few centimenters. With effortless power Lee charges that punch and knocks the guy down with great force. How do you do that and where does it come from? The truth is we all have that power within us but to channel it is different for everyone and in order to bring out that power we must use our mind.

To do this is through focus, concentration and pure self-inflicted imagination. The power of imagination is much more powerful then you can imagine but there is a way to bring that out. Take in the power and think the speed of light going at 186,000 miles per second. This power can burst through planets, moons, suns and stars without struggle and without fear of stopping. To master this takes practice and an open mind.

Injecting power mentally is a practice like everything else but with time you can use this power for whatever is important to you whether its strength, sports, combat, business or daily things that happen in your life. The difference between turning it on or off is staggering and to turn it takes imagination and intent. With CoreForce Energy you learn to channel the power already within you and build up strength that seemed impossible before but now can be a reality without many hours of training.

Unleashing the fury inside you creates a powerful body internal and external and with practice you can be far stronger then you can ever imagine. Its the effortless power that creates the ultimate universal power that just consumes your entire being. Learn the power of CoreForce Energy and learn the true secrets of effortless strength.

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Nathan Bentley said...

Very well written Ben. As a fellow CorrForce Energy devotee I can vogue for it's awesomeness and the many benefits it will bring to your life!