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Recovery Tips After Hardcore Training

We all do some form of training where it takes us beyond a average level and takes us to limits we didn't know we had and its very difficult to recover from the next day. How do you train after doing such a brutal workout? This past Monday I did the Karl Gotch Bible where I varied the push-ups and kept the Hindu Squats. My goal was to finish the workout in 30 minutes and I surpassed it and finished in under 27 minutes. I don't know about you but damn that feels good to get pass a goal. After a few hours I did another training session doing a series of chest and arm exercises from a course called Sinkram.

The very next morning I didn't want to get out of bed I was so sore in my shoulders, chest and legs. Even though I was sore I was not going to deny a workout at least once in the day. I have been known to train 7 days a week without fail and the reason why I do that is not because I need to prove how many workouts I do, its how smart I can be to train daily that doesn'…

Are You Up To The Outlaw Challenge?

If you're a typical weightlifter in a commercial gym there are certain rules you feel you HAVE to follow....Do this for biceps, do this for back, do this for legs blah blah blah. Well try telling that to Strongman Bud Jeffries. At 5'11 and 270 pounds he doesn't look like a typical weightlifter, hell he couldn't pass the "normal" standards of what is a bodybuilder but he doesn't care about that nor the rules.

This particular challenge is unlike anything else and something you only persue if you got the guts. Whether you're a weightlifter or not this type of challenge can take your conditioning to the next level. No matter how you slice it you will become stronger and throw away the typical "rules" of the trade in hitting the weights.

Bud Jeffries is the one guy that can make just any challenge thrown at him a walk in the park and he'll tell you flat out that its not just physical but more mental and thats not an easy thing to take and i…

Make Your Kettlebell Snatch a dominate workout Component

Working with Kettlebells there are many ways to turn your workouts from boring to extremely fun and the KB Snatch is no exception. I have personally done 83 Snatches with a 53lb. Kettlebell in 5 minutes. Compare that to my bud Logan who is as of official standards to be one of only 3 men in the world including John Brookfield to hit 300+ Snatches in 10 min. Thats pretty damn impressive considering he is 6'2 and 185 pounds. Not a big dude but really powerful. He has put together a series that can take your Snatch to the next level and then some. The Snatch can make or break a conditioning workout so if you don't have the technique down you're in a world of hurt.

Task into consideration if you're a fanatic of kettlebells that many workouts can put you in the elite level of Octane Strength & Conditioning but also if you're careful you will be bruised and it will sting. Work on technique and keep the body in alignment for the Snatch.

Kettlebell Snatch Domination

Superhuman Workshop Weekend

When you go to a seminar where theres just a great deal of energy in the air and even as some things go around something jut stirs in the back of your mind., then you turn around and see Bud Jeffries and now its really on. This wasn't your normal type laid back and do some things for the day type seminar. This was hands on in your face get off your ass and train type seminar and not just physical but mental as well.

I have met a few people in my life that are a bit on the above average when it comes to strength then you meet a man who bottom squatted 1000 lbs. Thats not above average my friend thats just over the top freakish (and thats the simplist way to put it). On a serious note this was one of the greatest weekends of my life and even though i'm known for my memory, I know this will stick with me for the rest of my life. It wasn't just fun but it was very educational with a few laughs and jokes and some outlandish type strength training.

First night was more on psyc…

My Thoughts On WWE Tough Enough

Back in the old days (yes even the 80's) it wasn't easy getting into the wrestling business. It was mostly word of mouth or men and women who have met wrestlers in the gym and if the wrestlers felt like you wanted it bad enough they'd recommend a trainer to toughen you up. Some of the best wrestling trainers nearly took out a wanna-be wrestler and wanted to see how long it took him to quit and how long can he last in the ring doing conditioning drills and ring work. Some trainers were wrestlers themselves at one time or another and some were better as trainers and some were great wrestlers and trainers.

The conditioning is a very brutal process, one wrestler went through NFL camps and said wrestling training was far more brutal. Another wrestler quit the first day but then came back and began one of the greatest careers in the business, even one wrestler was a Navy SEAL and found training as a wrestler was worth the price. You see it takes much more then physical ability …