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Animal Workouts!!!!!!

Now you may have read my post on the power of the animals, now lets take it a step further and look into seeing how this actually works in a physical sense. Picture for a moment you're favorite animal whether it be a tiger, bear, primate or in some cases maybe even a bird......How do you become that animal?

Well I would encourage you to watch Animal Planet sometime and watch your favorite animal, how does it move? When you see it try to imitate it not to the point of running for periods of time or swinging from a tree, just try something to see how it actually moves. That's animal workouts come into play. You try to imitate the very same animals we love, admire, even fear. How cool would it be to walk like a gorilla, how great it would to feel like you can soar like an eagle. Just thinking about it makes me want to make it a reality lol. We seen bear crawls, crab walks, duck waddles hell we even seen aligator walks from time to time.

Never underestimate how powerful you can …

Dao Zou & My Thoughts!!!!!!

I have written reviews before and I have written about some odd training ideas. This time I'm gonna take a different approach. This type of training i'm doing off and on is different then any other type of training I have done before and now.

This program was created by Matt Furey not really created but more like putting it on the Map for others to learn. It teaches you how to walk backwards now you might think "Thats easy, anyone can do that, whats so special about walking backwards", well it is simple but not as easy as you may think. It is not just walking backwards its more turning back the clock so to speak but don't take my word for it look it up yourself.

This type of training brings internal power unlike any other. When you really try out this program it gives you a high that is just off the chains. I have done this workout several times and man it makes me never wanting to stop cause it feels so damn good. Take a look at it and be prepared to feel blis…