Friday, January 9, 2009

Push-ups & Working Other Muscles!!!!

Doing high rep push-ups is considered to be very beneficial but it isn't for everyone. Now there are people that believe that high rep push-ups is doing mindless reps and are not beneficial. Obviously they don't do that and feel they are experts. Now doing high rep push-ups throughout the day is more beneficial I believe then doing them all at once. Throughout the day your body is at recovery and when you get to a new set your body is refresehed and ready. I have done this plenty of times and got up to about 250-300 push-ups a day for a while. Do you need to do high reps....No but you can use push-ups to work into other muscles. Example on incline push-ups focus on your legs and squeeze them while your doing push-ups. For grip and finger power do fingertip push-ups. There are many ways to work into what you want and any way you choose push-ups can make you far stronger health and strength wise to your body to weight ratio.

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