Friday, January 25, 2008

DVRs For Muscle Building!!!!

Dynamic Visualized Resistance. This type of training teaches the person to control what kind of resistance they imagine. Lets do a bicep curl for example: You imagine that you're lifting the heaviest weight possible it weighs a ton and only you have the power to curl it. Now flex your entire arm as hard as possible and start to curl that weight until it nearly touches your shoulder. What you just demonstrated is tackling your mind/muscle connection.

The exercises for this particular bodyweight training can create the body you want, you want powerful muscular arms, back, chest, abs, traps then add high tension and do low-medium reps. If you want that tone athletic look and being lean and mean then ease up on the tension from medium-high reps. This is a form of muscle control and body sculpting without the wear and tear on the joints and tendons from weights.

I have a thick muscular body at 210+ and all I do is this type of exercise plus other types of BW training. If I had to pick the number one system that creates the outmost form of muscle control its DVRs. You can do these anytime and anywhere and they will energize you throughout the day and you can get functionally stronger and when you have the ability to control your muscles anyway you want then you got the secret to rejuvinating, theraputic and muscle sculpting exercise.