Sunday, June 24, 2007

Powerflex In The Air And Of Course On Land!!!!!!!!

I have mentioned Powerflex aka Flexercise in a couple posts but I never mentioned how valuable it is for a traveler or a bodyweight enthusiast. I will be going to Pennsylvania as of tomorrow and gonna do nothing but Powerflex training the entire time there. It'll be great to get an awesome workout using my own resistance and strength to build up. Me and my gf will be going there to visit her best friend whom she hasn't seen in over nearly 2 years. I'm sure glad flexercise will help keep my energy up on the long flights, 3 to be exact in a 12 hour period. I'm very blessed that I know what to take with me to stay strong and energized. I've written about 7 workouts 1 each day while were there and if anybody knows this my specialization training will be on the gorilla flexes and all of these workouts will be at level 2 repetitions. Its gonna be tough but i've dealt with things far worse so this makes me happy. Its gonna be a joy having people look thinking "what the hell is he doing." Jim Forystek created one of the best bodyweight programs around and not many can match it its a program all on its own.

Yours in Power & Might


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