Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Ab Training + Bodybuilding Senarios

What makes great powerful abs? Is it doing crunches everyday, is it working out while giving them a good rest or can it be that some of the strongest looking abs in the arnt really that strong? Anyway you see it in today's modern fitness you see bodybuilders, pro wrestlers, baseball players ect. there is just some that seem to look like a greek god but have the strength of 5 year old. I love seeing homeruns smacked, I like seeing someone getting slammed and on a few occassions I think its cool how awesome a bodybuilder's ripped abs look like.

Back in the golden age of Physical Culture, Strongman, Wrestlers, Gymnasts ect. trained every part of the body including the inner portions to keep them strong (the organs of the body) and yet not a single I have read did crunches it wasn't even invented yet. Yet today we see these gadgets, gizmos and "Guarentees" going on that some expert can get you the abs of Zeus or whatever. Personally ripped abs arn't all that appealing and do most of them have any REAL strength. Lets look at a bodybuilder with the biggest looking set compared to yesteryear shall we?

Bodybuilder #1- In this day in age the average muscle man is 5'9 around 225-265 pounds who's ripped to shreds everywhere, strong as hell on the weights he grins and grunts on ab lounge and does several sets of sit-ups/crunches and possibly do a few sets on a stability (to them its too girly its only for chicks) and creates this magnificant 6-8 pack of muscle chromed abdomen. Eats like a horse on meat and protein supplements and eats about 6-9 times a day and then drain themselves to get ready for competition. Lets put him to the test, he gets into a fight or has to pull off a very difficult Keg Toss. The moment he gets punched as hard as the opponent can hit this ripped up looking god goes down in a heart beat screaming in agony. Now the Keg Toss (trust me there needs to be plenty of ab strength to pull this off) he grins and grunts and yet as he gets ready to toss he pulls a muscle in the oblique area at mid range of the toss.

Bodybuider #2- An old time physical Culturist, in the days where strongman and developed human speciamens trained the entire body (including the internal organs) and were very active, ate healthy foods even to gain or lose or to stay at a particular weight. They did ab training through deep breathing, basic exercises in weight lifting and bodyweight. He's very lean at 5'7 maybe 185 pounds of ripped solid muscle (this is in the early 20th century mind you) and just has a great way to devote himself to fitness while maintaining a healthy social lifestyle. Lets say he gets into a fight and wanted it to get over with and gets punched very hard in the abdomen but yet doesnt have very much affect on him, he still keeps going until the opponent can't take it anymore. Now the Keg Toss, even at 185 a keg can weigh around lets say 250, he grins and grunts and without missing a step he swings up then leans back and throws it with every ounce of strength he has and yet never came out hurt or felt injured.

You see the difference in those senarios, they both trained very well in their field and can draw a crowd with ease but yet who do you think was stronger and less injury prone. The first muscle man was todays modern fitness magnet that although he looked big and strong he couldnt take a lick of a punch or the toss. Yet somehow the old time muscle man was stronger and can take monsterous shots and doesnt come out hurt in the toss. These are true stories and i'm sure you can find whom. When us society get sucked into the whacky world of bodybuilding and the so called "experts" show us the way to better to a healthy life and have us take their supplements and yet don't get anywhere as aposse to the old-timers that didnt have supplements and worked hard to get themselves really strong at very lean weights.

Whenever I get asked if I do weights cause i'm big and a bit muscular for my height and say no they don't believe it cause thats where they're brainwashed to thinking that to look good and be strong hit the iron when you can use basic commonsense. Never believe everything you read or heard cause of what they tell guarantrees, if we all had guarantees in life we'd all be a perfect world. Yeah Right! Check things out for yourself and if it works for you and you alone. Train the way you want its your decision not the advetisers who tell you too.

If you feel you want a change in your training and see whats best for you that you feel is right, go to John Peterson, Matt Furey, John Wood or Brooks Kubik and they'll show you the right path as they have for me.

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