Monday, March 26, 2007

Strongman And Feats They Attempt

What makes a person strong and powerful that no matter what they do its going to be a jaw dropper? Is it proper training? Is it genetics? Or is it pure fire and determination to pull off such a risky attempt at something dangerous?

Well any one of those things can be a factor but the fact of the matter is there are human beings in this world are just flat out strong as hell small or big they're tough. What are some of the feats these people pull off?

Pulling Boats

Tearing Phonebooks

Deadlifting 800 lbs.

Bending very tough nails

Benching 1000 pounds

Human Turkish Get-Up

Closing The Number 4 COC Handgripper (365 lbs. of pressure)

These are all the things strongman around the world have attempted and some even went beyond what the feat even required. I feel if you want to get strong you have to put in hard work and go through intense mental conditioning to train for your feat(s). I love watching strongman competitions and it never ceases to amaze what these men and women pull off. Theres an old saying "Everyone loves a strongman" and its very true to its highest extent. No matter what you do around the world you will see someone do extraordinary things with extreme objects (weights, nails, books, hammers ect.) and one way or another your jaw will drop and your eyes will pop out.

There are 6 billion people on the planet but just under 1 million are strongman. These are the men with high level talents and pure raw power. You wont find a strongman in a gym lifting pink dumbbells and doing pussy weights on the machines. Those are the big men of the iron game. There are other strongman out there that look like the average joe or jan but have extraordinary gifts. Can you imagine 165 pound man tearing a phone book thats about 1000 pages but tears it with his thumb and forfingers, not likely but there is one out there and he's considered pound for pound the strongest man on the planet for the feats he performs. Can you see a 230 pound man holding a one-arm handstand against the wall on his weak arm. Not likely but there is a guy out there who can do it.

Never asume a person can't be strong cause of his size and age, thats what most people look at and yet feel like an idiot when they see that person do something that they couldnt imagine them doing. Theres a strongman inside of all of us, the question is can you bring it out and will you use it? Never sell short you can't be strong.

If you want to have the strongest hands on the planet these guys will help get you there whether you're a beginning strongman or an world-class powerhouse.

Yours in Power & Might


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