Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Internal Power For Super Strength

You can create strength from a variety of ways, lifting, bending, calisthenics, self resistance ect. but really most of those things are external. The real power comes from the mind. When you develop mind strength the physical will come automatically, now would that mean a 130 pound man will deadlift 700 pounds off the bat.....No unless he is trained and knows the art. Mental training is more important then physical. The more internal strength you develop the more power you can generate to the physical. Shaolin Monks know the secrets to this and they may not look like athletes on steroids but they can generate strength unlike anything you ever seen. How do they do it, where do they get it from? Learn the secrets and you can turn into a fitness machine that just won't ever stop, even when you're sleeping. Internal power is key to life as it strengthens organs and others from within. Find your power and bring it to life.