Sunday, September 14, 2008

How To Use "The Force"

Is the force real or is it science fiction like in Star Wars. Well it is and it isn't and heres why it is......Within all of us there is a energy that can be used to relieve stress or create it in a heartbeat. In that energy holds the key to health and strength in any endeavor. The force as we know it in real life means Deep Breathing. Our breath is the elixir of life according to Fitness legend Jack Lalanne and so true it is. If a 94 year old man can tell you that and prove it then how can it not. Deep breathing reduces stress, trains the body from the inside and creates strength that you just can't get anywhere else. We can live without water or food for as long as 2 weeks I believe before we start to die but we can't live without breathing. The breath is the life force that lives in all of us and all who have learned it and mastered it can use it in any way they choose. Learn to Breath deeply and you can create whatever you want in life. Now can we move objects or take over someone's minds for a period, no so don't even try it but we can create energy to take hold of super human strength or built up speed and endurance thats just off the charts powerful but more importantly we can create energy that builds mind power and create imiginations that we thought were impossible.