Sunday, August 31, 2008

Are Tendons More Important Than Muscles When It Comes To Strength?

When I watched the Slim The Hammer Man DVD about Slim Farman who's considered to be the remaining of the old-time strongman who has the superhuman ability to lift big poundages in sledgehammers. In the video he says that Tendons are very important in your quest for strength. Why is this and I started gaining my own observation.

 Tendons are part of the attatchments to certain parts of the human body like the the joints and such. When we talk about feats of strength there are 2 ways to figure out how strong a person's body is, when lifting heavy weight you would think he'd have strong and powerful muscles but in terms of bending, tearing and breaking, were looking at how tough a strongman's tendons are in his wrists, fingers and forearms.

 These are 2 totally different concepts so heres how I feel can be put into place. We build muscles all the time, we can't make more muscle tissue but they can grow, even with women they can grow to a certain degree as oppose to men who grow them to gargantuan proportions as you see in bodybuilding but what about the tendons. These are the things that help in everyday life and more and more people don't seem to want to take care them and they develop arthritis and joint pain and all sorts of ailments.

 There are many types of strength and we all can develop certain qualities to them and without question I feel Slim was right when tendons are important when you want to develop superhuman strength. I work my tendons almost all the time through bending, tearing, joint loosening, finger work, massage ect. My tendons over the last few have become so strong that when I massage somebody (I'am Certified by the way) that I can dig into the tissue hard and quick and have the ability to give people a massage just using my pinkies and their jaws drop when I show them which finger I was using when I push into the tissue and massage the joints.

 It is apparent that if you want to have strong tendons the key is to keep them healthy at all times just like the rest of the body. So to answer the Title question, it depends on how you look at it from a certain point of view and I do believe that if you want true world class strength, the tendons should be worked more and the muscles will follow.

P.S if you want to get The DVD on the Hammer Man I highly recommend it if you want to learn what it takes to be a real strongman and how to develop strength thats just unbelieveable.

Be back soon for another Strength Post,

Maximus Bendius