Monday, July 7, 2008

Power Of The Animals...... 2nd Addition

I have studied physical culture for well over 10 years now and I've seen plenty of awesome things and plenty of dumb things. I have read, put effort into exercise and even listened to some great individuals. Through all of this I don't believe without question physical culture wouldn't be possible if our older species the animals hadn't been around. They are the true originators of exercise and survival. Not the exercise where they get up in the morning and do this or that no what I'm saying is survival practice. There's nothing more graceful nor beautiful not even stronger then an animal in the wild. Since the dawn of man we have feared and loved the raw power and strength of such a creature. In martial arts a wild animal is sacred and cherished through one's particular art. In China they mimicked many animals to train in their art of combat and look how powerful they were not by just the looks but the inner spirit and strength they have shown from generation to generation. In India (Some call the birthplace of Physical Culture) they tackled animal movements to take them to great heights in their art of wrestling and from time they became some call the greatest wrestlers of our time and if you don't believe me look up the Great Gama India's athlete to our Dan Gable. When you look at someone moving like a wild animal it looks a little silly and down right funny but at the other end of the spectrum I wouldn't dare mess with him/her cause it may look funny but its deadly within the experience and hard earned effort he/she has developed. Moving like an animal gives you a new way of individuality and claiming our birthright to be strong, in great health and limber. When I train in the way of a wild animal I wanna feel I can transform into one as I move freely and powerfully with that way I know I'm not only getting strong in and out but have fun while doing it. I have learned many ways to move like one but once you gained the knowledge you have the power to create your own way of moving like one. We will never be as powerful as a wild animal but we can damn sure become stronger then the average human and it takes less time to get to a gym and get dressed then train. It could be done anywhere anytime so never underestimate the power of the animal.