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Why I love To Provide Resources

Over the years I have shared and promoted many different types of workouts, courses, supplements, books, games & many more different things. This aught to give you an indication of my personality, I don't believe in just one thing, I don't believe in force-fed training systems and I certainly don't believe in creating heat just to help make a living. People have different tastes, have different goals and have different aspirations as to what gives them hope of achieving amazing results so I do my best to bring you the best resources I can find and help you find top notch places.

I can be biased at times when it comes to certain types of fitness but in the long run it is important to give people the opportunity to change their own lives and help them and share with them what can be exciting, unique and jaw-dropping workouts and courses that provide the quality that I have personally researched and either attempted something or I see what certain things have done for peo…

Superhero Recovery Workouts

Even the very best superheroes need recovery time. Some heroes have tremendous stamina and the ability to heal fast yet all heroes max out at some point and need to recuperate whether its for 5 minutes or a whole week. Recovery is essential to muscle building and developing incredible stamina and healing muscle fatigue.

My superhero workouts last between 15-25 minutes worth of work but in between sets I do need to let my body "heal" or recover in order to be fluent and strong in the coming sets of Sprints/Burpees and Circuits. Sometimes I do deep breathing, tapping on certain muscles or joints to get some extra jolt, loosen up certain areas to keep from fatiguing and other things but on my of days; its mostly deep breathing, stretching and keeping my joints loose. I might throw in some Playful Movement or Animal Flow to get in some great agility and flexibility.

Doing recovery workouts is being very smart and makes you more intelligent than most people and not that I think p…

Building A Superhero Physique

I'm not always about the aesthetics on fitness branding but at some point having a body that is considerably healthy and strong is essential. I'm not talking the bodybuilder look or having the physique of a male model but one where it's solid, powerful and you stand out. I like the build between Batman & Spider-Man which is a cross between a solid muscular frame and ectomorph features. If you're going to build a superhero body, the next thing to do is to do Superhero Training.

It's not easy work and it's not going to happen overnight especially when someone is my size at a solid 267 lb. frame at under 6'. That's where I believe having that look is more for fat burning and establishing powerful muscular entities similar to a fullback or a Tight End in Football. My training as of late consists of Sprinting/Burpees, Circuits & Finishers. Three times a week, I lay down a workout that is tough, intense, heart pounding and loading up on insane compoun…

Cold Showers Building Endurance

For a while now I've been experimenting the method of Cold Water Therapy mainly Cold Showers; yes even in the winter time when it's 20 degrees or lower outside. I've gotten to a point where I can get in and just let the cold water hit me and i'm talking as old as it gets and I mean FUCKING COLD!!! It forces your body to open up on the inside because in order to stay warm, the body burns calories from the trillions of cells rushing through the bloodstream thus when you are literally turning red that's blood rushing throughout your body. Now what does this have to do with endurance?

When you first expose yourself, you breathe hard and fast because your body is in a state of shock and your lungs are needing to produce more oxygen (I'm no scientist, I'm going by how my body feels from starting out till now) but what it really does is that once you become acclimated to the rush of cold water hitting you, you begin to breathe far deeper and thus the greater the d…

The Ultimate Weapon That Will Build Muscle Just By Swinging It

Doing my superhero workouts is becoming a great habit since i'm near my second week into them. They are going to be my Winter training sessions since i'm not the biggest fan to be outside although it is fun from time time time. In the Spring & Summer however, one type of workout that has brought me strength that I never had before or since will be back with a vengeance and doing so twice a week to build steel powered muscle, vibranium corded tendons and obliterate fat like no other is my hammer workouts using two of my most precious and mighty tools of the trade; my Thor Hammer & Epic Sledgehammer made by the modern Blacksmith of the Gods Ryan Pitts.

When you work with sledgehammers, you're getting a feel for that manual labor, back-breaking man's work that will form muscle in ways conventional weights can't and never will. In the past I've called the Thor Workouts Thorsmithing in which means instead of building tools, you're developing a physique b…

Do You Even Superhero Train Bro?

Funny things aside, we all should strive to have that spirited Superhero/Animalistic style training ideal that could take us to the far reaches of our soul and develop our bodies with pure powerful hormones and maximum metabolism strategy. HIIT is nothing new but with a little imagination we can create workouts that bring out the very best in our abilities. Ever wondered what it be like to have the physique of Captain America, Batman, Green Lantern and other heroes? Why do bodybuilding when you can have a body that is far easier to obtain and be able to eat what you?

My ideal physique is a cross between Batman & Spider-Man, a build that is rugged but not bloated or skinny as hell. At 5'10 and 267 lbs. I'm no where near that but with patience, training hard, eating as good as I can while having a cheat day every now and then I believe I can attain it and be able to have that physique at around 230-240. That's the beauty of body-weight exercise, you can turn them into st…

Making Big Workouts Three Times A Week

Since the Superhero Workouts are my big thing right now it's important to know that I don't do them more than 3 times a week. Many workouts people do believe to be optimal you need to do them 4-6 times a week because its the go hard or go home attitude isn't it? In order to get the best results is to compromise your body to train hard for short periods and relax/recover the rest of the time so your body can repair itself and build the muscle it needs.

Also if you train hard too much with little recovery, you won't just get muscle tears but rupture tendons, ligaments and possible cartilage. When you hit maximum intensity it doesn't need to be more than 3 times a week because mainly when you do short bursts, you're generating greater hormones and your body pumps more oxygen. The Superhero Workouts consisting of sprints, circuits & my personal favorite, a finisher consist of powerful calorie and fat burning effects that even after the workout you're still …

Have You Taken The Testosterone Test?

Lots of men would like to be more successful... In the office, in the gym, in the bedroom... What most men don't know is that their perceived impotence could be due to a hormonal imbalance. Low testosterone: it affects millions of men across the globe. But how can you tell if you suffer from low testosterone? There's a simple and free report that any man can review, that will give you an idea of where you're at. Most men are surprised by what they find... Click here and see. Testosterone is crucial for just about every aspect of health. From working out to the bedroom, it's also been called the "success hormone". With it you feel on top of the world. Without it you can get angry, depressed and anxious. So click here to see your report. On top of that, Lost Empire Herbs produces amazing herbs and formulas that help your health and performance. They've got great stuff for energy, hormonal support (in men and women), working out, and even thinking better. It&…

Is It Better To Train Sprints Outdoors Or Indoors?

Sprints as you may well know are the fastest form of training that burns fat, builds muscle and increases metabolism. They don't take very long to do and develop powerful Human Growth Hormone that gives you the ability to stay young, vibrant and have incredible energy. You can do sprints indoors or outdoors but which one is better?

There's pros and cons to both but either way, they're very effective and can give you an incredible physique as you get better at them and do them no more than 3x a week. Outdoor sprints especially hill sprints are the optimal when it comes to burning fat the fastest humanly possible; however, the weather may not always be in your favor and you might need another option for whatever reason and sometimes you just want to be safe but still get an insane workout. Indoors give you the option to train in your home where you run hard in place for 30-60 seconds. You can go hard for a minute but only at that maximum amount of time because you may not be…

Back On Superhero Training

Its not even Xmas yet and I've already been thinking about my New Year's "Resolution" or should I say Goals because Resolutions just sound like something negative to me and something of a bad cliche. Not going to tell you the full extent of my goals but I'am heading back on the bandwagon of Superhero Sprint Training where you run hard or do Burpees for 30-60 Seconds then rest for a period then do a circuit either Tabata Style or doing repetitions.

I'm always fascinated by the physiques of Superheroes ranging from Batman to Green Lantern to Black Panther and Spiderman because they represent powerful and functional athletic muscle that is backed up with fat burning metabolism and enhanced strength & virility. This type of training I have mentioned in the past but thought I'd give you new readers an idea of what it does; it is by far a top quality intense training system that has you burning fat like there's no tomorrow and it burns insane calories 2…

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Best Results Come In Small Number Of Exercises

In Bodybuilding the guys would do up to maybe 10-20 exercises per body part to sculpt the body for competition. Granted these guys are competitors and they do other stuff than just training to get as big as possible but also cut fat at the same time. For the average person and those who rely on building functional strength & health you don't need to do that many exercises to get the greatest benefit. In my training alone these days I do at least 20-24 Exercises for the entire body not for each area of the body.

Learning from guys like Brooks Kubik, he teaches that your best bet is to use a minimal amount of exercises for certain muscles however, you don't need to do a ton of different exercises but do very few and hit the muscles hard. When you utilize a few let's say for pressing, a couple solid pulls, 2-3 for the legs, some ab work using no more than 4 exercises and a few for the grip your total is right around 18-20 exercises all together but putting your heart and …

New Website Has Emerged

The old format from my website @ just didn't have very much to offer and there were too many things that didn't have much to do with me and catered to an audience where I felt didn't have the right spunk. So this past weekend I spent many hours coming up with a new and far better format that not only had me using my personal favorite methods of exercise but wanted to generate another audience where there's something for everyone.

My site now is purely Body-Weight Training based with a little section for minimal equipment mostly for traveling. Body-Weight Training is free but there are always a chance that someone may not have the right resources to learn or cant find anything specific. That is why the site has divided sections for specific people that can learn top of the line training from the very best around the world and in the U.S. Some courses are more than a century old, others are more current with up to date routines for the beginner and…