Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Using Exercise To Heal

Whenever you hear the phrase "no pain, no gain" don't you just want to throw up on the person that said it to you? Unfortunately its been etched into the minds of many people in the fitness world that have this notion that in order to get what you want, you go through some kind of torture and "pleasurable" pain. I'm sorry but if you need pain to get results you're either sadistic or just plain full of brain farts. True exercise is suppose to help heal and build, not be painful and torturous.

For most people, they need to understand that building muscle & training the body in general does take effort but it certainly should never be painful; discomfort is one thing I'll take that but pain is just plain dumb. When I was getting back on my feet, I used exercise to heal my body and built on developing great blood flow into the muscles themselves. Some exercises are very tough and can be crazy to work up to but don't ever believe that pain is going to get you somewhere, it can and its called Misery and i'm not talking the Kathy Bates kind either.

I still to this day train to stay healthy both inside and out, I've gotten back into doing the healing exercises called DVR's (Dynamic Visualized Resistance) which are done by tensing the muscles than moving throughout a range of motion in full fashion. Think of it as if you're driving with the brakes on. This type of training alone can be beneficial in how you energize the body, increase blood flow into the muscles down to the smallest capillaries & developing natural muscular definition. This isn't to build massive muscles like in bodybuilding but they can be used to develop the body's natural musculature and create healing strength and promote healthy flexibility in the shoulders, back, chest, thighs, calves & upper/lower arms. Even the Abs get an amazing workout because of the contraction using an exercise throughout the entire range of motion. No you won't be able to lift massive amounts of weights but because of the control you have to tense & relax the muscles it can certainly help if you're a weightlifter. What it truly does that it helps the muscles and tendons create an expansion of the range of motion in particular movements, basically another version of Muscle Control.

DVR's aren't necessarily new but have been used in various ways throughout the centuries in Yoga, Martial Arts, Bodybuilding & many other ways. The main component is not just to tense the muscles but truly connect through the mind/muscle concept where you think into the muscles. This type of training can be very taxing if you overdo it but with correct tension you can strengthen the body from the inside out. One of things they truly can do is put you in a state of pure blissfulness and mellow you out with pure peacefulness. Give them a shot. Its worth it.

Monday, May 30, 2016

Recover Well

I'm one of those guys who loves intense workouts such as 250 push-ups and 400 squats, lifting heavy for an hour with my boys when I get the chance, do 30 min. Animal Workouts, bend a few spikes in a row, finishers that are pure ass kickers; I love that stuff but I also love the recovery workouts as well. Most never realize how much recovery is just as important as the intense ones themselves. When I do recovery workouts its usually exercises at a lighter intensity and a good portion of the time are what I call Playful Movements; combining the elements of stretching, Animal Flow, Regeneration & Ginastica Natural where its really just messing around and playing but also have it being more meditative and fun.

The body needs to repair itself but that's not going to happen if you kick its ass day in and day out every single day of the week, you're not a pro athlete and even if you were, recovery needs more attention than you'll want to believe. I've worked out among some heavy duty guys and very few I ever say truly did some recovery training. I don't do very much of the "warm up" stretches before my workouts for a number of reasons, one being that a lot of workouts have an automatic stretching element in them so I do get limber and loose as I go throughout the training. Some days however like yesterday I had to take it easy on my shoulders and my legs after a heavy deck of cards workout and muscle control exercises so I did exercises that didn't put a lot of heavy stress on those particular muscles such as bridging exercises, DVR Exercises (Dynamic Visualized Resistance) & the Chest Expander to stretch the shoulders from various angles (awesome tool for those who've had shoulder issues).

Make recovery workouts a part of your regimen regardless of what system you're on. If you can't function at a high level you won't be at your best. Do daily training by being intense less than a few days a week and do recovery workouts on your "off' days and the reason why I put it in quotes was because there's no such thing as a day off, even if it means going for a 30 min. walk/hike or swimming or bicycling or even just to have a field day playing a sport with your buddies. Be active.

Your training is not going to die if you do a recovery day or 2; some people need a week or more because that's just how the body works. It gets to me sometimes when people are so idiotic to think that if they train the same as a pro athlete to get the results they want its going to magically happen. Pro Athletes train hard for a specific purpose and that's for their particular sport. It's not meant for the average person to be going that hard for a period of time; you need recovery, healthy food intake and the right kind of exercise meant for your body type & or leverage. I'm learning this myself but unlike the majority of brain dead people out there I know when its time to back off and do things to get me back to what I want to do. Recover well and do so being mindful and open to the idea that you know what, its ok to not be so intense all the time, its ok to take it easy and do something lighter; you're still doing something and you're keeping yourself consistent. Its not easy by any stretch but with consistency you are creating a life-long element that leads you on the path to a kick ass life well beyond your years.

Friday, May 27, 2016

What Deck Are You Using?

Over the last few days killing it on the deck of cards workout, its gotten me into a rhythm that keeps me interested and keeps me on my toes. The workout goes by fast when you really get into it, it sucks the first time around but once you really hit a stride and your body hits into automatic mode; time just flies by. For the most part I don't like using plain old regular bicycle decks or poker cards that are just generic and boring. I've been using an app on my android that gives me this workout and I can type in the name of an exercise whether I want to do 2 or 4 exercises.

Most decks are pretty dull when you look at them so whether its my app or the decks I do have I make it interesting and shoot for a fun filled deck that keeps me motivated and having a great time kicking ass. My favorite deck to use is my Indiana Jones Playing Cards; nothing is more satisfying and more bad ass than seeing the adventurous archaeologist on the card and telling what's coming next. The beauty about this is you never know what card you'll end up getting since I never do the same workout twice. What deck do you like to use?  

I mainly use this for my bodyweight workouts and later on this summer will use them in my hammer workouts which will be no more than twice a week. Its a great tool to use on the road or just wanting to train in your home. I've done this many times and have hit high numbers from doing this doing 4 exercises to just doing Push-ups & Squats at a total of 250 & 400. It'll get you fitter, leaner, great cardio and muscular endurance training, strength, flexibility, great for speed, fat loss, muscle building & not to mention tons of testosterone building. You need only a couple other things for this and that's a towel & a bottle (gallon most likely) of water. Some workouts range from 20-40 min. Some of my workouts last a little over an hour since I like using as great form as possible and take not laying down and die rests but deep breathing in between cards and get oxygen going.

Old-Time Wrestlers used this workout to get in shape such as Ric Flair, Karl Gotch, Ken Shamrock, Tatsumi Fujinami & other Japanese stars have used this to get in phenomenal condition. You don't need to be a pro wrestler to benefit from this, do the best of your abilities, rest only when needed and do tons of deep breathing, it'll help your cardio immensly. I believe next to animal exercise & sprints the very best cardio there is. You don't need much space to do this. For the time being keep your exercises the majority of push-ups and squats; you can add other exercises too like Burpees, sit-ups, pull-ups, mountain climbers & V-ups but make at least the first two a push-up and a squat. My current exercises are the Hindu Push-up, Tiger Bend Squat (variation of the Hindu Squat taught by John Peterson), Hindu Jumpers & Mountain Climbers; this workout alone is an ass kicker and takes me around 25-35 min. to finish give and take my deep breathing between cards. Want to get really ambitious, finish off the workout with the Front & Back Bridges, its nuts and really for the insane trainees but its fun and really tests your mental game.

Have fun and rock that deck. I'll be rooting for you.

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Lifelong Fitness Is Better Than Momentary Fitness

Being in shape doesn't always mean six pack abs and arms that look like cannonballs. Training for life is key and the best way to do it is to maintain your body as best as possible as injury/pain-free as possible. It's always an adrenaline to test your numbers and how much you can lift at a certain age and your endurance levels plus keeping up with a tight body those are all cool things but the truth is you won't always be able to maintain the same things in your 80's like you did in your 20's or 30's.

For those of us in our 20's and 30's are in the prime of our testosterone peaks, we can handle stress far greater than most twice our age and we feel invincible at times. I trained very hard to get where i'm at today but once I hit a certain age I do need to train differently although I'm mostly a bodyweight guy, I tend to just stick to the basics (Push-ups, Squats, Bridging & some Ab Work) while I also move around heavy hammers, qi gong exercise and Self-Resistance Training. Train to help you live longer, not beat you down and feel like a cripple.

Momentary Fitness is the type of training that is for the extremely hardcore fanatics that take exercise to levels that doesn't need to be done. Crossfit in most cases does training that lasts momentarily until someone ends up in the hospital and needs a hip replaced before their prime or have shoulder surgery and is out for 3 months. Other similar systems don't look for the long-term, just drive your body into the ground and after a few years even at age 30 some might feel like an 80 year old man; that's truly messed up and whoever pushes themselves that hard aught to get their brain scanned for insanity.

I do believe in challenges and testing yourself but not on a frequent basis and go to extremes just to prove what you can do. Most of the time people go to extremes to impress others just so they feel approval and tell everyone how fit they are. Being fit is not about impressing others or pushing yourself to keep up with someone else, its truly how you keep up with your persistence and progressing little by little and getting better at something overtime. I'm not the fittest guy in the world, no one is but I can do things at my age, my size that most can't; its not bragging (just a tad) its because I have proven to myself not someone else that I can do something and get better at it or do things because I want to and not get injured. I've had enough injuries in my time that its better to stay within a range that works and keeps me happy. I've broken both legs, cracked my head open, dented my knees, scrapped my arms, nearly cracked my ribs, taken shards of glass out of my bare hand and have been so stiff everything hurt if I moved so don't tell me about your little boo boos on your elbows or cry about having busted shoulders from your bench pressing its not going to fly.

Do things that make you feel young and vibrant, things that help you have energy well beyond your years and do things that challenge you but never need to go to the hospital for. I've read lists of people who have been in the hospital for injuries from exercising too hard. I never once in over 10 years gone to the hospital because of something from an exercise. I rarely ever have been in the ER the last few years and that is due to my judgement and how I keep my body healthy. The only time I went to the ER since my accident was for a stomach virus and was seriously dehydrated that's it.

Train with purpose but look at it from a long-term perspective. Be mindful and listen to your body.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Being In Top Condition For Life

Regardless of age it's always awesome to be in top shape. Whether you're in sports, business or just want to look awesome and be full of energy; training for life-long conditioning is a must if you want to live a quality life. Sure you can be over 80 and still be lucky to be alive but the majority of those in that age range or even 20 years before then have a lot of major issues that halts their health, happiness, quality of shining energy and more.

It's not a bad thing to look good and have a body that turns heads but if you have problems on the inside all that outer appearance won't mean jack. I don't look like a greek god or a adonis that is just so damn beautiful; i'm just a guy that likes to train and maintain good health and quality of life by laughing and learning what I can. I train for life, I don't go for max weight or reps or do anything to failure, just do things that make me happy and help me stay in shape. That's part of my current training by taking basic old school exercises and get in the best shape I can without injuring myself and feel like that one day at 19 where I couldn't even lift my head out of bed because I was so stiff.

Living a long life is a great feat for anyone but why live a long life of physical pain, full of arthritis, joint inflammation and weak legs? Train for quality, not for quantity. It takes a bigger person mentally to rather maintain their health by training and challenging the body rather than reminiscing what you were able to do. I don't plan on doing another 1000+ Squats in a workout anytime soon because why would I need to? There's no point but I want to be able to do more than 100 as I get older. It's that mindset most can't truly understand because its that "I want it now and I need it fast." Knowledge is first but wisdom becomes your greatest ally when you open doors for yourself and give the next generation a chance to learn. A painter didn't start out great and when he masters his craft he makes more mistakes than a beginner can even begin to touch. Live with purpose but live for what's important.

Make the most out of your training by developing knowledge on how to maintain your strength throughout your life and how to use it whenever you choose. Whether momentary or for long periods of time if you stay in top shape regardless of what you do, you'll be light years ahead of your peers or those in your age groups.

Monday, May 23, 2016

I'm Back & Ready To Get @ It

I'm back and it is crazy awesome. Disneyland was the best trip yet with my favorite girl and making awesome memories and did a ton of walking plus Isometrics. I have written before about Theme Park Isometrics and that it helps with boredom and keeps you on your toes. While in line for various rides and meet & greets, I did Isometrics from many angles and intensities ranging arm wrestling poles, pulling on chains, isometric wrist rotations, pulling up on rails, pushing against the walls, gripping the handles of a ride, chest presses, isometric punches, wall sits and much more. It gave me insane energy as we walked on average 8 miles a day in the parks and to/from the hotel.

I even gave an Avenger a run for his money during a photo op in California Adventure near the Animation Academy & the Hyperion. See For yourself.....

I had him on the ropes and I could really do this all day but the guy needed to have fun meeting fans and keep up with another Marvel hero that was just crawling with charisma; think you may know the guy....

Isometrics just give you that insane internal strength & power you can't get anywhere else. You can literally do them anywhere, anytime and at virtually every angle. I think even a Star Wars villain was sensing my strength and needed to be sure he can use his own abilities on me but he just couldn't come to grips with it. Tried to get in my head....Poor bastard never had a chance...

To truly learn the value of Isometrics within the beauty of training in reality is the ability to expand your mind to possibilities you didn't think existed. There are many that are so shallow & can't grasp the concept to truly train anywhere anytime. You have strength in you that hasn't reached its greatest potential. Adding in Isometrics with you give great power but as Uncle Ben says "With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility. 

Time to get back to doing my thing and remember no matter what, you can do things that can make a greater impact than you can imagine. Kick ass & be awesome. 

Friday, May 13, 2016

Off To The Happiest Place On Earth

Well my fellow readers I'm sad to say i'll be leaving you for a while. Ok maybe 10 days. I'm off to Disneyland with my one and only on our first travel together to California. Its her first time in both the state & at the parks. An adventure we have set out since last year and have been saving up since.

It'll be nearly 7 years since my last walk into the Magic Kingdom and the time has been way too long. Never thought I'd get back there let alone with an awesome woman who has never set foot on California soil. Will this affect my training? Somewhat but its manageable. Still going to do my superhero sprint training but also a ton of walking around all the lands including the construction of the new Star Wars Land. So excited for that.

Everyone should go to Disneyland at least once in their lifetime and from my experiences, it is a trip that is worth it. A place to go to let reality walk out the door for a while and just be a kid again. Can't wait to see all the new stuff the parks have in stored for us and I cannot be more happier than to be with my favorite girl and create memories that we'll never forget. Make it happen for you and and/or your family to go and make it memorable.

Like I said my superhero training is still going on and I plan to really kick ass with it when we're not in the parks. The best part of training anywhere, anytime is that once you've got your training in, feel free to get out and have fun. Live in those moments that can only be felt once in a lifetime for most people. Disneyland is a treasure, regardless of how expensive it is, if you truly want to enjoy its glory, you will make it happen to go even if it takes you ten years. Memories are beautiful in more ways than one; see to it that you can create them.

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Great Stretching On & Off Sprint Days

Whether on my days off or on from sprinting workouts, I do my best to stretch no matter what but for the most part I make stretching either part of the workout or way earlier or later in the day because I do recover quickly and even cold I'm pretty well limber. I don't necessarily believe in the warm-up stretching or the cool down method because I feel great already before and after my workouts and as far from my experience I haven't had any severe injuries.

As I get older sure stretching will be more of a priority but not the type of stretching mainstream "trainers" have you do, the toe touches and the aerobic style of stretching; my thing is to do what combat athletes do or Animal Flow/Playful Movement where you develop flexibility, mobility & dynamic/static stretching that isn't passive or typical. This style works for me especially for my lower legs because as you know I have a rod and altogether 10 pins in my legs holding my bones together. I do pull a muscle from time to time but never to the point where I can't walk or the arms are completely immobile.

Most stretching systems don't really care about the tendons and the ligaments, mostly just the muscles and that's where a lot of injuries are becoming more reoccurring than ever. The true power is in the joints so when they become strong you become stronger. Muscles are needed but everything is connected and when you neglect one thing, that other side becomes more stressed and becomes overused. When I sprint, I do my best to get the workout done as best and fast as possible while recovering well and fresh. When you combine flowing movement with key point stretching and holding deep squats you're developing crucial elements that stick within your body and as long as you maintain it, you can live a full quality life of pain-free and powerful mobility.

One of my favorite forms of mobility is the Regeneration Exercises from Mike Fitch's Course Bodyweight Athlete where you can do simple movements that hit muscles and joints in a specific way that can practiced practically anywhere and puts you into a state of mind where functionality is at a high level of precise mobility and flexibility that transcends many other forms. Don't believe me? Grab the course for yourself and develop your entire structure through powerful movements, crisp flows, regenerate your body on off days and hone amazing skills that take your training into the stratosphere. Although i'm merely mentioning this for sprints, this type of training can be used for any other training. Make it a point to not just stretch to get better but develop greater quality of life in your body that can help you do amazing things no matter what your age.

Monday, May 9, 2016

Recovery After Sprint Workouts

In order to get the best results from the program is to really get enough recovery for the body to repair itself and build a higher tolerance of training. I do recover very quickly from HIT workouts but I still want to keep myself in top condition no matter what day it is. That's why I do recovery workouts: Qi Gong, Dynamic Stretching, Mobility, Joint Loosening & others.

Recovery is equally or more important than the training itself. I've pushed myself on many occasions & still come out having great energy. Its not the best thing to be intense all the time, I've learned that the hard way doing many days of Animal Exercise and for a while was doing a deck of cards workout up to 4 times a week which even for me was overdoing it and ended up with a bad shoulder which i'm still working on to get to being pain-free. I'm a very energetic guy and when I really push myself I need to chill out; you're only as efficient as how you use and conserve energy.

Since getting back into Sprint Training with some extra bonuses, my appetite has gone up a bit and my energy levels are great but my biggest focus is how I can recover well in order to be optimal next time around during the week. That's why I like doing various stretches and joint mobility, you still have something to do just on a smaller scale. I recover the majority of the week which is best for most people, if you're a pro athlete or superhuman, sure you may go a little more but for most even above average or higher level of trainees need more time to recover or tone down the level of intensity and only go so high no more than 3x a week. Some muscles recover faster than others and there are those that have insane levels of strength & conditioning that recovery doesn't need to last very long.

People forget that yeah when they have that adrenaline everything becomes a blur and you can all sorts of things without realizing it but it does in fact wear off one way or another and you're going to need repairs and let your body fuel up. Don't forget to take time off or do much smaller portions of workouts on a day off from very intense sessions because if you are too intense the majority of the week, your body will break down real hard and you can get yourself injured or end up in the hospital. That's the thing I can't stand about most crossfit workouts, too many people don't get the recovery they need because for one their not listening to their bodies and are completely full of brain farts & two their trainers are putting them through workouts where technique is virtually non-existent including those dumbass kipping pull-ups and crazy unrealistic injury-prone muscle-ups on the rings and end up in the hospital.

Recover and know the difference between kicking ass both intensely and in recovery and getting your ass kicked negatively by some stupid shmuck who doesn't know his ass from his elbow on real recovery. Train hard, train smart and kick ass in your recovery sessions.

Friday, May 6, 2016

Making Sprints Awesome By Using The Superhero Sprints System

Sprinting is truly the key to unlocking super growth hormone & fat burning torching elements. There are many ways to do interval training but Sprints is the ultimate period. What if we spiced it up and made it the ultimate anytime, anywhere workout where you only need 1 hour a week of training this way and just do little things on your days off. The type of training where not only has the calorie burning of sprint training but combined with strength/conditioning exercise circuits that will make fat not only scream bloody murder but just might literally run out of your body and be afraid of you for life.

Weight loss is the big thing that people want to do these days but for the most part, they're doing it for the wrong reasons. Sure you lost weight and feel a little better but how is your muscle mass coming along? Are your your energy levels at a higher rate than 200% of what it was before? Is your metabolism kicking in faster? How about your natural growth hormones? Funny thing is, you can still weigh the same but have greater muscle density and lower body fat. Yeah you lost weight but there's still fat hanging around that just doesn't seem to go away and you're left with that "loose skin."

I know what it's like to not have a lot of muscle and carry around more fat than I care to mention; I understand about stretch marks and having a gut hanging over you like its meant to take gravity. You're not alone but in order to get the very best out of your goals you're going to have to put in effort. Sorry pal but there's no such thing as a magic pill or a supplement that burns off all the sugar & fat to make you look like an Adonis. However; you don't need to put in a ton of hours in order to get the physique you want. Train in a way that takes less than a half hour and keeps burning calories even hours after your workout.

Superhero Sprints is high up on the fitness food chain that takes you from flabby to looking insanely better in a matter of weeks, practice for a few months and it'll even make you look greater than that, hit a year and holy crap you can look far leaner and more muscular than you did in a 5-10 year span. This course has the makings of looking like a real life superhero with boundless energy, insane speed, incredible endurance and strength that is functional and realistic. You're a beginner? Why didn't you say so, this course has that too as it can be your introduction to The Superhero Physique University. You're not big on wanting to train outside? Unless its raining cats & dogs, snowing or meteor showers are hitting the ground, get your fresh air but it does have a program for indoor training, so really you have no excuse.  

How about the Cost? I've literally spent hundreds of dollars on top notch courses and have spent time with some of the greatest minds in the fitness field but this course is not only the cheapest course I found, its literally worth more than 100X its value. This course costs less than a monthly payment to Planet Fitness for crying out loud, less than the typical bodyweight course, less than the cost of a typical fitness video from Wal-Mart (imagine that). $9 and here's what you'll get.....

A Main Manual of the Superhero Sprints System
Indoor Sprint Training
Superhero Supersets
Backyard Intervals
Nutrition Plan
Videos Of All The Exercises in the System

You'll be able to download all these ASAP and can get them all onto your hard drive or highlight them in your browser. Get a physique like the Flash, Wolverine, Gambit, Catwoman, Ms. Marvel, Spiderman. Make the Superhero Sprint System your own (I did and got insane results from it in a few weeks).

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Strong Core=Strong Body

Its always cool in some form to have muscular areas around the body like washboard abs, toned arms, big chest, a back the size of Texas and legs that looked like they're carved from granite but at most having rippling muscles aren't always going to save you. When it comes down to it, your center line is one of the main reasons to keep you alive. Having a six-pack is awesome but in reality if its not strong and powerful, you're SOL my friend. Funny thing is, some of the strongest people in history didn't have six-packs yet lived for many years.

To build some solid, insanely strong abs and overall core is not crunches or isolated sit-ups. Unless you're in rehab or a beginner in exercise, crunches are more of a killer than anything else when it comes to Core Work. Most people people believe the Core is just abs, in fact from the bottom of your chest to your pelvis is the Core area. Those muscles working in unison develop a stronger foundation of health and fitness that virtually anything else next to legs, neck and grip. Isolating them is more cause for an injury than you were told about. You can do crunches till the cows come home and you'll never truly achieve mighty abs. Train the body as a unit with a main focus on those main areas; upper, lower and obliques.

The best exercises that I have found that truly hit these muscles are ones used in Gymnastics, Combat Sports & Sprint Training. Save your energy by learning exercises that hit all those muscles at the same time like Bridging, V-Ups, Sprinting Uphill, Side Planks, Full Body Sit-ups & others. Nothing replaces these because when you truly engage the core in compound exercises they put a mark on what brings out the very best within those muscles together instead of individually. The stronger your Core, the Stronger your whole BODY!!!

May The 4th Be With You,

Ben Bergman

Monday, May 2, 2016

Top 10 Metabolic Conditioners For Fat Loss, Increase In Metabolism & Putting More Lead In Your Pencil

That last one you didn't expect to read huh? Well increasing testosterone and keeping it at a high level regardless of age for both men & women is crucial to living a healthy life. The type of testosterone I mean by is not using steroids or Performance Enhancers where there's all kinds of synthetic chemicals that when taken improperly or overuse in a period of years basically makes men turn into women (high vocal chords, Moobs, testicular shrinkage & damaged organs) and women into men (lower vocal chords, acne, increased hairy areas other than the vagina and enlarged clitoris). You can get testosterone for free by doing High Intense Training 2-3x a week doing short bursts of exercise that lasts at max 30 seconds and resting a minimum of 1-2 minutes.

I'm sure you've heard it all before and believe me when certain things are repeated they become annoying but in this case; people need to get their head out of the clouds and stop doing what the next trend is going on. I'm sorry but very rarely a trend stays around and works. The best type of training is what's been around for centuries and continues to flourish despite the wacky world of machines, infomercials, fad diets & silly little pink dumbbells (sorry guys it ain't cute).

Natural testosterone as you may or may not know stops being stable by ages 30-35 and each year the percentage drops. I'm over the age of 30 so my levels are just starting to drop unless I do something about it. I might get a test done one of these days to see where I'm at but for the most part I think i'm safe with the stuff I'm already doing but as they say, always a way to improve. Training, eating better and being active are great ways to keep things going but to really spice up your junk or flower it takes a specific type of training that creates more blood flow, more fat melting elements & hitting that sex drive is a must otherwise your body will turn to shambles. I have a saying where "its not easy but you can make it interesting" by training hard for only a small amount of days but making it interesting for you to keep at consistently. Because I'm getting back to HIT I feel like its my duty to give you helpful tips and exercises that really turn you into a stud or a sexy goddess. So for that here are my top 10 Exercises for making these things very possible......

10. Burpees: One of the ultimate anytime, anywhere exercise that hits the whole body and pounds the fat into submission. Do basic or other variations and you'll be swimming in testosterone.

9. Animal Movements: From Bear Crawls to Frog Jumps, animals are the true inspiration for putting on functional muscle and increase in growth hormone. These alone are beneficial and when you do them fast, you won't last long.

8. Bridging: Most notably the Wrestler's Bridge & Gymnastic Bridge are full body exercises that can be done virtually anywhere and develops strength in the spine, back, abs, neck and legs (arms for the GB). On a consistent basis 3 minutes of these exercises will open up channels in the body that not only target muscles but sexual energy that in turn can help burn fat and increase sex drive.

7. Hindu Squats: Done in high numbers, this variation of the squat turns boys into studly men. The metabolic effect on this is chalk full of testosterone building and hardcore hormone happiness. Get into the 500 rep range and you will be having energy very few these days have ever experienced.

6. Moving Heavy Weight: In partials or full range, moving heavy weights builds growth hormone because of the amount of force needed, your body goes into overdrive and smacks into of the heart of your hormones.

5. Circuits: Exercises done one after another are incredible for enhanced conditioning and can be used using the above or other exercises. Darebee.com has the very best circuits that target muscles from head to toe and some workouts can be done by not so normal men and women.

Workout Finishers: A series of exercise(s) done after a workout to hit the calories even harder in the face. These are done within 1-5 minutes at best. Say you did a 30 minute workout and after a few minutes you do another 5 of exercises to really hammer the hell out of that blubber.

4. Tabatas: Exercises done in a 20 Sec. On/ 10 Sec. Off element that can go for 2-8 minutes that target fat like a sniper to the enemy in combat. This can be done with virtually many exercises (Bodyweight is best) and puts you into a state that makes you sweat like Niagara Falls.

3. Thick Bar Training: A bar ranging from nearly 2 inches or more thick in diameter really puts the whole body in overdrive regardless of the exercise. Attach Fat Gripz to your barbells/dumbbells and/or machine handles and you have a fight on your hands. Your reps will be cut in half or more just by doing this. Stick to compound movements such as Presses & Pulling. Doesn't hurt to have an insane grip in the process.

2. Step-Ups: Done in a fast paced fashion and these bad boys will make you scream bloody murder. One of the greatest and most conditioned wrestlers of all-time Bob Backlund swears by this exercise and does them in high numbers that are in the realm of superhuman. As one of the main staples of his regimen, its helped stay in top condition throughout the majority of his career in pro wrestling. This is a better alternative to running as it's easier on the knees and can be done anywhere that has steps.

1. Sprints: The mecca of making fat cry like a little bitch. Whether on flat ground or on the hills, sprints will make a man or women out of you whether you like it or not when done on a consistent basis. These suckers not only blow torch fat like a furnace but have you burning calories for up to 72 hours after a workout even while you eat and sleep. For guys if you really want to get those boys swimming and feel like you're 18 again this is the type of training to do it. For ladies, you will make fat scream louder than a house wife from Beverly Hills fighting for a prada on sale. Its the ultimate target for making hormones grow like beautiful leaves in Springtime.

There you have it. Make your training fun and get those hormones raging and turn that body into something you can not only be proud of but can possibly make you the elephant in the room (all eyes can't help but be on you).