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Utilizing Themes To Peak Interest

With the recent trailer put out for Batman V Superman which you can see here it's shaping up to be a new era in the world of film making, now that Marvel has dominated so far it's only fitting for DC to start catching up. Speaking of catching up, it's important you catch up on becoming awesomely fit and i'm not talking looking good for beach season i'm talking all year round and keeping yourself as fit as you can. Superheroes are all the rage these days in films and it's only been since the era comic books ruled the world that young boys and girls dream of becoming like their favorite superheroes. Becoming fit is not just something to shrug off for a month and getting only decent things out of it; it is a responsibility to the individual as a human being to be strong, agile and becoming something beyond your normal self. Being fit helps you in ways you can't always imagine. To children, their parents and/or a relative/guardian are the only people that reall…

Amplify Your Energy

In all of us we have great power we don't always recognize or believe to be there. Some who think have it believe it to be the power of god in them, invisible energy source, the kabbala, supercharged resurgence of strength; I like to call it our universal power. It can be very scary from what isn't known or understandable so we do things to make ourselves not feel that fear or do what's easy for us. To tell you the truth, not everything in life is what it always seems. We don't always know what's going to happen whether internally or outside of us through our eyes, sense of smell and what we feel. How can we have so much strength in ourselves and yet it only lasts for a short period of time? What makes this power so great that we are forced to hold it in and let it out in extreme conditions? It's important to learn and answer these questions not from the most recent expert or the technical babble scientists tend to make and sure as hell isn't always coming …

Self Mastery And Its Significance

Everyone is unique in some form or another. We can't learn the same exact movements in the same exact form. Because of our structure and body to weight ratio it's important to modify the movement you are practicing no matter what it is. Some believe that people need to do the same movement at the same pace and have the same amount of time on it and that is very arrogent. You can't have a 15 year old kid do the same stuff as an 75 year old great grandfather, it's just unethical and can have dire consequences. Learn to use your body that is sustainable and achieveable on your own accord. It's one of the key things to developing self mastery.

Nobody learns a push-up the same exact way because not everyone has a good source of balance and arm strength. You can however break down the push-up into bits in order to become efficient in it like for example starting on the knees and holding yourself up in the up position. After a while you begin to progress to various areas a…

You Must Choose Wisely

Remember that moment in Indiana Jones & The Last Crusade where if you chose the wrong chalice or cup something bad will happen? Of course you do. However it's tough to choose something where there is so much damn variety it becomes confusing. You never know what you'll end with, you can end up with something as glamorous and full of sparks and looking like an award winning Broadway but you may also choose something more simple and have the feeling of no more or less while you go for something with no hidden agendas or anything stabbing you in the back because it turns out to be something that just wasn't worth it. This happens pretty often in the world of fitness & exercise because although we have a great deal of options there's also that burden of picking the right things for you.

Picking certain things can be tough and can bring certain consequences like injuries, burn outs, soreness/tightness you don't want and doing something that could cost you your li…

Hitting Goals And Doing What You Love

Goals are like your own personal treasure, they're meant for you to have and have feeling that richness and have that feeling of taking the world by storm. You can share your treasure if you wish but it's important to realize it is yours and no one can take it away from you because you have an internal bond that just won't go away. You don't need to be greedy and brag about what you have achieved or won yet you can inspire others to go after their own treasure and seek out the adventures to get to them.

Achieving things is a very powerful entity. You don't always feel the need to lose weight or gain muscle or just be fit; it can be a business goal or working towards a certain amount of views that people have seen on your website where they can see your creativity and possibly buy stuff from you. My goal for this blog was really just to see if people would read it or have any inspiration to do something for themselves and just have fun with it. Turns out it became mo…

3 In 1 Exercise Tool For Everyone

There are three very awesome tools in the world of fitness that an be used for any sports training, conditioning, strength, endurance and many more. These three tools can take you to another level and bring you a world of power while burning fat, gaining muscle and jump up your growth hormone levels for a faster metabolism, recovery and cardio. The three tools are the kettlebell, the dumbbell & the medicine ball. However there are limitations to how you use the grip for these implements which I will get to in a second.

The grip is one of the most important aspects in the strength training world. If you can't grip your implement or a pull-up bar, it's going to be more dificult for you than it needs to be. With the three implements I just mentioned, the limitations are basically in the grip, it's the same grip every time even with the medicine ball; it's a great tool but it only had one standard grip so you can't really do what you would like to do. What if there …

Your Legs Are Your Wheels

Ever since my accident and learning to walk and train again, I have made a vow to go into deep research on training the legs and making them stronger not just in the muscles but more importantly the tendons and ligaments. As we age, one of the first things that starts to go physically is our legs, the bones become a little more brittle and the joints get a little weaker and muscles begin to go south. It becomes more and more difficult to even get a good move going and your body just aches like a bitch. It doesn't have to be that way though; you can make a choice to keep your body in incredible shape when you get older like into your 50's and beyond. It's a matter of modifying and building a foundation. Flexibility is your first priority, then you work on strength so you can value the useful of what is working in your body.

    Most people think as you age, muscles need to keep strengthened more than anything else; not necessarily true, strength is a factor and should b…

The Circuits That Keep On Giving

There are mixed reviews with circuit training as it is with of other methods. These days when you think of Circuits, you think of Crossfit and getting in as many rounds as possible in a certain amount of time. Although that's great for an advanced person but for someone starting out, it can put them in the hospital or in an unwanted grave. Circuits are done where you mesh a certain amount of exercises and do them without rest until you have completed 1 round. Most people can't handle that fast pace and high form of intensity because it takes far more than just strength & endurance, it becomes a mental game of chess and some are great for beginners but others are mostly for those in decent shape. Those long cardio sessions on the treadmill are practically useless unless you plan on training for a competition of some sorts. You'll gain endurance for sure but you'll also lose muscle mass and the ability to burn fat efficiently. If you want a quicker workout that ha…