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A Tragedy That Brings Up Another Wake Up Call For All Of Us

The recent events of the Conn. Shootings have become not just a tragedy for the families and loved ones of those who were hurt and killed but another stepping stone to how our country is devastated and what we can do as a nation to help prevent these types of evil from ever happening again. I grew up in a daycare and have seen many kids come through, some of them I’m still friends with to this very day. Finding out about that many kids losing their life because some kid with very disturbed issues decided to go and take those lives. It makes me feel sick to my stomach to see people like this do something horrific. It did get to me because I care about kids more than most would ever know.
   Shaping a country from this kind of horrific event changes a persons mindset to how and why guns are apart of society anyway. It is without question that children shape the very foundation for this country whether it’s good or bad and to have someone take it away from them is just another way of …

Sunshine State Set For Another Superhuman Workshop

A lot of seminars and workshops in the strength training world are taught but people that aren’t all that strong.

What if instead you could learn from not just strong people, but the strongest in the world in their areas of expertise?

People like Donnie Thompson who broke the 3000 lb. barrier in power lifting.

People like Scott Weech who put 423 lbs overhead…with an axle.

People like Whit Baskin who for many years has held the record for the longest hold car hold in strongman competition.

All these guys and many more are being brought together by Bud Jeffries and Logan Christopher in one place.

Just check out the video on this page to see them all in action.

Superhuman Workshop #3

And not only is this workshop bigger and longer then their previous workshop, but they’re offering it at a cheaper price than ever before.

It’s coming up soon and taking place in Tallahassee, Florida.

Get the full details here

Superhuman Workshop #3

Ben Bergman