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I Want YOU To Become An Animal

I've written out about Animal Training a few times before but it’s something worth mentioning time and time again because people should learn about this great style of strength & conditioning training. As we get older our hormone levels drop a certain percentage every year starting at around 25 I believe. I'm a couple years shy of 30 and I want to be able to have that great level of metabolism and natural growth hormone levels by the time I hit that age and beyond, I can't imagine the percentages someone over 40 or older has dropped.
 Animal Training is a system where you imitate and move like an animal in the wild, simple as that. One of the most famous exercises in fitness when it comes to bodyweight is the bear crawl, walking or sprinting on all fours and you can do it for reps, time, distance hell even play tag whatever you can do is up to you. It’s one of the most fun exercises there is plus many more. In my experience, I have received awesome benefits from thi…

Kettlebell Ranking (Win A Free iPad)


Yes that’s right.

Logan Christopher is giving away an iPad as part of a special deal to promote kettlebell juggling.

He’s come up with 20 levels of progression for you to work through, from easy beginner to advanced skills. And when you submit a video of you doing any of them you get entered into the contest.

Not only that but you can even get ranked and Certified as a Master of Kettlebell Juggling.

There’s a whole lot more than I care to explain but you can get the full details here.

Ben Bergman

P.S. Make sure you check it out soon. This contest doesn't last long. That means you need to watch this video today, start practicing your skills, and send in your videos as quickly as possible.

Can You Juggle Kettlebells?


I've played around with kettlebell juggling in the past and had some fun with it.

But if you truly want to master this art than my friend Logan Christopher is your man.

He's giving away 35 minutes of video on getting started and advanced skills from a workshop people paid up to $1000 to attend.

If you do anything with kettlebells you owe it to yourself to check out this video. You'll see all the benefits these fun skills can give you.

This isn't just for advanced people, although many people may think it is. Whether you're just starting out, or have been lifting kettlebells for years, you'll surely learn something new here.

Ben Bergman

P.S. And that's just the start. He's got some even more amazing things in store that will change the way kettlebell juggling will be done in the future.

Kettlebell Juggling ON FIRE!!!!


Leave it to Logan to come up with this idea.

As if juggling heavy weights isn't enough of an impressive skill...

He decided to light a kettlebell on fire and then juggle it!

Watch the video here.

Ben Bergman

Pull-ups: Can Women Do Them Or Not?

October 25, 2012, 12:01 am
Why Women Can’t Do Pull-Ups
This column appears in the Oct. 28 issue of The New York Times Magazine.

While the pull-up has been used by everyone from middle-school gym teachers to Marine drill instructors to measure fitness, the fact is that many fit people, particularly women, can't do even one. To perform a pull-up, you place your hands on a raised bar using an overhand grip, arms fully extended and feet off the floor. (The same exercise, performed with an underhand grip, is often called a chin-up.) Using the muscles in your arms and back, you pull yourself up until your chin passes the bar. Then the body is lowered until the arms are straight, and the exercise is repeated. The Marines say a male recruit should be able to do at least 3 pull-ups or chin-ups, but women are not required to do them. In school, 14-year-old boys can earn the highest award on the government's physical fitness test by doing 10 pull-ups or chin-ups: for 14-y…

Your Biggest Critic

We learn as we get older who we are and what we become, sometimes it’s early sometimes late and very rarely at the right place at the right time. The bad thing about that is people will tell you what you can and can't do to be successful but in the end it’s up to you how your life is made.
There will be people who want to bring you down yet those same people should be your biggest motivators. You have dreams and goals and you either don't accomplish them or you do, one way or another the one person who’s going to criticize you the most is the one you're looking at in the mirror. Those same people who want you to fail not only got you to fail but made you fall for the things they said about you. They didn't really make you fail; it was you who failed yourself.
It’s not easy being motivated to go after something you want to accomplish. No matter how many excuses you come up with or how many people tell you can't do something the one person holding you back is you. …

Why Do We Do It?

We all have our own way of exercising; we have trainers, do it for a number of reasons but why really do it? What comes out of it for you? A lot of people workout because they don't have a choice, use it relieve stress from a bad day, force themselves to do it because if they don't they'll hate themselves or they just go through the motions and have no real emotion like a zombie.
 There are two types of trainees, one has passion and the other does it but not in it and I'll tell you the difference. The passion is a desire to make something of yourself, you make an effort that’s real and emotional, you don’t go on the treadmill and watch TV, you don't wait around for someone to be done, and you find a way to make things happen and with fire and vigor. The other exercises but isn't in it for the long-run, they do it because its there and don't put any real effort. They get done too early or get hurt because they didn't bother to learn proper form or didn…

The Gateways To Herculean Strength & Blazing Speed

I'ma huge fan of Mythology and Superheroes and a personal favorite is a demi-god we all loved by his strength and courage but also hated for his vices and troublesome behavior depending on your version and that’s Hercules, the son of Zeus and a man that was born into chaos and a mystical time of mystery, magic, sorcery and dangerous creatures. The reason I got into him and why I believe he’s a great choice for this article is because really, he is the ultimate synonym for strength and the ability to overcome obstacles in the most daring and unimaginable fashion. Get ready to learn the very secrets of how to obtain some of the glorious and powerful strength.
There are always debates about how to get strong in the fitness world. Sometimes we rely on one exercise to determine a level of strength, at times we rely on a specific fear or skill and even in some cases; we determine who can be the strongest in 3 lifts or more. For me the best answer to determine strength is how you are ef…

The Only Drug You Should Be Taking

There are all sorts of ways to take this to relax and that to wake up but most of it is drugs or meds that can most likely kill you than help you. Even modern bodybuilders take drugs to build extra muscle to gain an edge in their competition just like other athletes and such. Drugs for the most part is the easy way out f your problems and lets face it, those commercials where they tell you the side-effects are far worse than what you're trying to get rid of. Unless you're dying than maybe but seriously, there are much better ways to get yourself healthy.
 If there was one drug that has no side-effects and works better than any drug or PEDs out there is consistent work ethic and training smart with an effective exercise program and eating good foods and stay away from junk food as much as possible. I may not have the best nutrition going on but I do my best to keep it going and keep building muscle and energy. When you build a goal and you set on training with consistency and…

Ultimate Kings & Queens Of Bodyweight Exercise

Usually most people look at bodyweight exercise as a waste of time and don’t hold any real value for fitness. Even many trainers would say that if you want to get strong you advance onto weights and machines. The problem with this notion is that many people don’t know how to handle their own bodyweight. When you learn the real styles of Bodyweight Exercise, you’re learning how to use your body from multiple angles, work more muscles one exercise at a time and you burn more fat. Those who tell you it doesn't do anything either can’t do it themselves or they’re trying to make a buck and don’t really give a damn who they hurt to get by.
 To be a stronger person physically, you can and should learn to build strength from multiple angles, the more muscles you work at one time the better. In Gymnastics, strength is built all over the place from your neck to your toes. Now I never said you needed to be like a gymnast to have that kind of power but learning certain basics won’t hurt ver…

Creating Your Own Story

Ever since we were children, we were always fascinated by stories of courage, fearlessness, worthy battles and the power love overcomes. Young girls wanted to be princesses and fair maidens, guys wanted to be a superhero or a prince that saves the day. Many of us grew up watching our fantasies, even when I was little I had books read to me, mostly Disney stuff and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. We love these stories because they show us what a world would be like of exotic creatures, powerful men, beautiful women and sights that only imagination can with hold. Why not build your own story later on in life or even at a young age?
 A lot of parents go through a lot for their children; it’s a fact and no matter how hard your parents get to you, just remember what they sacrificed to get you going somewhere. Some parents just put too much on their kids and way too soon too, hate to burst your bubble but I've seen kids my age back in the day either being too spoiled or gotten nothi…

Building Eagle Claws

Building strength in the fingers, hands, wrists and the entire lower arm can make you or break you in a workout or anything you need your hands for. We need our hands to build things and create things so is it essential to build a level of strength, flexibility and dexterity that helps us in our everyday lives? I believe so. There are many ways to build a solid steel grip but there are other ways to keep the tendons strong and durable no matter what you do.
 The lower arm area all the way down to the fingertips is the most neglected parts of the human body in exercise. You won’t get by much with just wrist curls and a few isolated circular movements; you are learning to build that area by squeezing, flexing, extending, push, pull and working the individual fingers. It is important to master all these factors because if you don’t have strong hands, you won’t be able to pick up a weight no matter how big your arms it’s not going to happen. What if you need to fix something with a wrenc…

The Difference Between Believing & Not Believing

There are a lot of skeptics out there who don’t believe in certain ideals or they do believe in certain things but it’s by tradition and rules when in reality they don’t have the slightest notion of how to be open minded. For those wondering, when I speak of this article, I’m talking about fitness and health not religion or politics, that’s way out of my league and have my own views of what they are. Back to the task at hand, many skeptics are the ones with their guard up and never want to take it down and that’s not a good thing because they miss out on many things that they can work on.
 One of the best quotes I've learned since I was 13 was “For those who do believe you don’t need an explanation, for those who don’t believe no explanation will do.” Want to know where I learned that from? Believe it or not a pro wrestler named Jeff Jarret on the Unreal Story Of Professional Wrestling, talk about weird. A lot of people sometimes including myself feel like we need to explain our…

A New Age Of Vampires

In the old books of the Creature Of The Night, we have romanticized it’s characteristics, it’s strengths, weaknesses, it’s funny side and even it’s very much larger darker side but let’s not forget how we as a culture come to love and hate vampires. We all know the tales of blood, immortality, fear and the biggest name of them all Dracula. What if we took these old tales and turned them into something that is what we crave for centuries; a longer life, having super human strength & speed and the ability to have a high dose of great emotional power.
 Certain vampires you’ve seen in the movies and comics are different and either funny as hell or as dark as you can get. From Boris Koloff to Edward Pattinson, we have loved and loathed the idea of what it is to be a Vampire. Personally I prefer the Warriors of vampirism such as Blade and Kate Beckinsale’s character in the Underworld saga but this generation prefers the Twilight and True Blood types. We all have our likes and dislikes…

TV Will Never Be The Same To You Again

Television is a window to the world and it has its blessings and its bad habits. There are movies, shows, infomercials, sports, news ect. With all this information, why can’t people realize that watching TV can be one of the best reasons to get in awesome shape? Most never see it as an opportunity to develop strength and health, not saying you should spend all day at the TV, in reality you should avoid as much of it as possible. To be honest, I haven’t watched a single show that had commercials or changed the channel in over a month and a half, I watch Movies.
 If you’re a fan of TV and want to watch something either by yourself or with family & friends, you should make an effort to do some exercises. Most shows have commercials and we all know how annoying they can be with ads that don’t really have any real morals for other people, so why not put that into an exercise program. When your show has taken a break and gone to the commercials, use it as a reminder to exercise. Do Pu…

In 30 Minutes Or Less

Hate to disappoint you people but the title does not mean I’m talking about ordering a pizza. I love pizza as much as the next guy but this is something more important than food. This is about learning to exercise with the little time you have as possible. Training for 30 minutes isn’t always about cardio training or doing one 30 minute workout, why not spread those 30 minutes throughout the day.
One of the most powerful exercises you can do is Isometrics, more so what some people call Power Postures, meaning holding various positions at odd angles. Think of some of the Yoga Postures like the Downward facing dog or what we call the Hindu Push-up, just holding for time in the three positions can build internal power like you wouldn’t believe. How about holding a horse stance like the Shaolin Monks do, that builds some serious leg strength. These two examples can be used as a foundation to build your body from the inside out.
Ever watch TV? Of course you do, you have a favorite show o…