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Old Time Wrestling & How It Can Turn You Into A Machine

When it comes to conditioning for wrestling there are many ways to do it. Look at how Dan Gable conditioned the most dominant team at University Of Iowa for 21 seasons with 15 National Titles. His methods were second to none and should be learned by any type of coach for the sport or athlete for that matter. At the same time there was a man who took conditioning to a very unique level and because of his teachings he conditioned a wrestler by the name of Frank Gotch. His name was Martin “Farmer” Burns.
In his course Lessons In Wrestling & Physical Culture he uses a form of deep breathing to help regain and maintain health, strength and fitness. He doesn’t sugarcoat anything in this course and I highly recommend you check it out at

Without question he was one of the most unorthodox wrestlers/teachers there was at the turn of the 20th century. He developed techniques in both fitness and wrestling to create the ultimat…

Becoming Tarzan

Can that really happen? I mean come on who the hell wants to be like the ape man? Well it turns out more people then you know. The fitness on this guy is incredible. He can swing through the trees and climb with the best of them and is strong as hell. It’s no secret that Tarzan is the type of athlete some of us wish to be. Have a great physique, profound strength & stamina and the natural functional ability to handle everything thrown at him. To me he’s a mans man.

If we want to try to imitate the conditioning of Tarzan we must first observe his behavior. He learned what he can do by observing the only family he knows and that was the Gorillas of the jungle. He learned how they walked, climbed and swung through the vines of the forest. He learned to understand their strength and power through fierce battles and studied their anatomy. Contrary to popular belief Tarzan was pure genius. He learned how to survive by learning from possible one of the strongest species on the planet.


Creating Your Own Style Of Training

Its difficult to realize that you can in-fact become your own personal trainer. The first thing to do this is to learn as much exercise as possible. The more you learn and observe your own physiology; you will find your own routine. Another goal to keep in mind is keep track of your workouts and a journal is the perfect tool for this. Whether you want to workout 3X a week or 7X a week keep track of what you do.
Anybody can learn to be their own trainer. It took me a few years to finally understand it but now I can create any workout I want with the amount of exercises I know. Now you don’t need to build years to understand it. Having a personal trainer isn’t a bad thing but the problem is a lot of people get discouraged and many trainers don’t teach the value of your own experience and train for you. Very few can and I happen to know some. The easy part is exercising the hard part is learning on your own. Observe yourself and learn the movement of an exercise you want to master. Reall…

Superhuman Pull-ups For Powerful Upper Body Strength

Pull-ups by any means are one of the difficult forms of training because not many people train on them and those that do know very little about progressive safe training to get higher reps and get stronger in the entire upper body. That’s where Dutch National Champion Gymnast Cees De Kok & Concert Pianist extraordinaire Garin Bader come into play.

They will teach you like they have taught me the 5 key ingredients to gain super strength in your pull-ups. Now what are the 5 secrets to super strength in Pull-ups?

Grip Strength:

Not many people realize how important your grip is in doing pull-ups. You can grab the bar and try to do as many as you can but if your grip can’t handle it what makes you think you’ll be able to do great numbers. Garin & Cees will show you the proper ways to grip the bar and not just grab and hold but using alignment and proper gripping. Also they will show you exercises that not only are essential for pull-ups but how to develop powerful hands.


Indian Clubs: From Wood To Steel For A Fierce Grip

For centuries wrestlers of the Middle East have been known for a number of things but the two main ones are wrestling and swinging different objects. The Clubs have been a stable point for wrestlers as long as the sport and for good reason. They train the body in neither ways nor weights or bodyweight exercise can touch. Sure the athletes used some weights and almost exclusively bodyweight but the clubs give a different advantage, one a wrestler needs for stable conditioning and that’s the grip.

Have you heard of the Great Gama or WWE Hall Of Famer The Iron Sheik? These two in my opinion are the biggest names in Middle Eastern wrestling. Gama is from what is now Pakistan and the Sheik is from Iran but yet both countries carry the sport of wrestling as the major sport almost to the equivalent to what America is to Baseball. The clubs were played a big role for how they trained and wrestled. Gama is said to have wrestled in 5000 matches and never lost once. That should tell you what kin…

Psychotic Strength Turns Into Monstrous Gains

When most people put together a strength & endurance program they end up failing and why? Because nobody really teaches them the right way to bring up their levels of conditioning they could never imagined. It’s not right to feel limited to what can have unlimited potential and create a sufficient system that can give you strength & endurance at the same time. Ok did I just say that right at the same time?

When it comes down to it most people believe that Strength & Endurance can’t be done at the same time. Well then try telling that to strongman Bud Jeffries. Believe it or not this man as a super-heavyweight now at 270 can go to levels that most guys can’t even comprehend he is just bad to the bone strong and durable. Also he’s not the only one if you’ve been playing the home game here. In the eras of the 20’s, 30’s & 40’s you will find strongmen who were not just strong but had incredible stamina, speed and energy that almost nobody in the commercial gyms can do toda…

Lifting Odd Objects For Optimal Strength & Power

When you add Odd Object  lifting into your routine you will find that it can accelerate your strength to levels that are just surreal man. I have played around with odd objects myself (like my very wide and long 100 lb. barrel) and from the looks of things they’re not easy to do in the same sense as barbells and dumbbells. I normally don’t do BB’s & DB’s anymore but if you gave a keg or log to try I’d be right on it brother.

The real secret for this particular type of training is that unlike straight handle equipment Odd Objects reflect on needing to move at different angles in one shot. There’s no way in hell you can lift a rock the same way you lift a barbell it’s just the way it is. Now would a thick bar be considered an odd object? That’s tough to say but in my opinion in a twisted way yes I feel it is and for good reason….Its thick and your grip is going to be different and it takes your tendon strength to a whole different dimension. With Odd Objects you won’t find a boring w…

Get A On Move On For The Moving Sale

Guys and Gals,

 My friend Logan is moving away on a secret mission to tackle an art that is out of this world, I'm a good friend of his and even I can't know the full details thats how secretive this is. So for your benefit he's having a Moving Sale that is just off the charts low-priced material that he most likely will never do again. You will get low-priced products that are worth far more then what he's charging and just about any of this material is some of the best work i've ever seen and men like Dennis Rogers, Bud Jeffries, Ryan Pitts, Adam Glass and others will agree with me. You will find stuff thats on......


Kettlebell Snatching


Hand Balancing


Radiant Health

Keys To Super Strength & Fitness


Trampoline Fitness

& Many More

You can either purchase them seperatly or buy the whole package for a low price (I recommend getting them all...You will never need to find a workout again when you can learn everything.)


Building Strong Tendons

Unlike muscle building, if you want to increase the strength in your tendons you need specific type training. Wrist curls and things of that sort will not cut it unless you have a thick bar but not too many commercial gyms have them so what do you do? Well for a weightlifter you might want to consider Training With Partials. The reason why I say this is because with partial lifts you’re hitting the body from a certain angle and the tendons actually go into play more then muscles do plus with partials you can lift heavier and heavier weight then you can with full range.

Now we all heard that building a great body means you need to build/tone muscles but nobody really talks about the tendons and if they did, most of the time the exercises to build them aren’t really good for you (trust me I’ve been there). One thing I learned from York Barbell Hall Of Famer Slim The Hammerman Farman in his DVD was that exercising the tendons are a key to developing great strength. Muscle building is gre…

Strongmen Vs. Bodybuilders

One of the deceiving myths about Bodybuilding today is that they are functionally strong. Back in the day when you had guys like John Grimek, Bill Pearl, Reg Park and Steve Stanko these guys weren’t just awesome in the physique department they were also incredibly strong in quite a few areas such as heavy weight lifting, can do strength stunts and were some of the greatest hybrids of the strongman bodybuilder. Unlike today where you have guys who isolate every single muscle in the body and spend a long period of time in the gym and very few make it to the top and even fewer are in good health.

The mental aspects of these different athletes are just that they are very different but yet they have a common goal and that is to be the best at what they do. For strongmen, they’re goal is to lift the heaviest weight possible, show different bends, tearing thick phonebooks, rip license plates, hell some even lever heavy sledgehammers but yet the mental training to get to those stunts relies o…

Bending Steel: A Documentary

Films come and go, some take your breath away, some make you cry, even some make you think. A documentary however is different. It shows real life as we know it or may not know it. Look at Pumping Iron. Yes it was considered a documentary but under certain scopes it really was a docudrama. Really a great film in of itself and showed the power and strain and drama of bodybuilding. Now how many documentaries are there for strongmen? Not too many but one film seems to want to take that obstacle and take it to another level.

This film is about the journey of one such strongman. Small in body structure but big in will power and the will to succeed. His name is Chris Shoeck and he's learning the craft of the old-time strongmen from the vaudeville era of the early 20th century at the historic American boardwalk Coney Island, NY. Along this journey you will see what this man at 5'7 155 pounds does when he bends incredibly tough steel bars and such other great feats of strength, you wi…

Pre WWE vs. WWE Now

Before you had pyrotechnics and the big spectacle of drama and soap opera that is WWE today, there was a time when wrestling was meaningful. At the time once wrestlers like Frank Gotch, George Hackenshmidt were long gone (once the 30’s rolled around) you still had some great wrestlers who drew in crowds but then it started rooting in the ground of what was to become a heavy national spotlight and the start of sports-entertainment.

Back in the days of wrestling where they were guys like Bruno Sammartino, “Superstar” Billy Graham, Buddy Rogers, Crusher & The Bruiser and even wrestling greats Lou Thesz and Verne Gagne there wasn’t a big boss of the biggest corporation to go to until Vince McMahon sr. came into the spotlight in the late 60’s and 70’s. You had territories where promoters held their ground in certain states across the country, in Canada & abroad. There were champions in every territory but the biggest Company at the time next to what used to be the World Wide Wrestl…

Taking A Page Out Of George Hackenshmidt

Back in the early 20th century, GH was considered by many to be one of the greatest wrestlers of all-time. Still do to this day. He was a champion in both weightlifting and wrestling plus had a string of strongman performances. As an athlete he trained with the best of them and trained rather uniquely at the time and that was integrating both weights and bodyweight exercises. Now even back then plenty of athletes did this but he did in a way that became legendary. So much so he wrote a few books on the subject including his biggest seller The Way To Live which I highly recommend you check out it’s a wonderful book.

He became very popular in his time that today he was considered as a turning of the century equivalent to Hulk Hogan. In his later years he kept on training and writing up until his 90’s. In a time where you were considered an old man at 50 George broke the mold and went past what is considered old today. That’s quite an accomplishment.

If you want to become the athlete you…

The Most Feared Position In Football & How You Can Condition Like One

Lambert, Taylor, Butkus, Lewis….What do these names have in common? These are the last names of some of the feared Linebackers in the History of the NFL and for good reason. They were tough, vicious and some of the most conditioned athletes on the planet. Believe it or not a Linebacker in my opinion is second to the quarterback because he has to keep a sharp eye on where the ball and the players are going and once someone has the ball near them bam he pounces like a wild tiger going for the prey. A linebacker needs the speed of a running back, the strength of a lineman and a keen eye of a quarterback.

If you’re going to train like one you need to hit your workouts fast and hard. There’s no need to do hour long marathon workouts because those are for more moderate workouts in most cases. Hitting your workouts with a vengeance for a few minutes a day can take you far beyond what you normally consider training.
Now you may not start out fast and hard but with a will and the ability to ge…

Helping Bring Back Catch Wrestling

My wrestling studying started when I saw Wrestlemania XII in March of 1996. I was 11 years old a few months shy of being 12 and I was captivated by the main event and that was the WWE Championship Match between HBK Shawn Michaels vs. Bret Hart. This was an Iron Man match which lasted an hour long and in this particular type match whoever scored the most pins/submissions wins the match. These 2 guys went at it and I didn’t know it at the time until I learned later on that at the beginning of the match they started doing what’s called in the business Chain Wrestling which was a sequence a moves that was fast-paced and timed correctly. After that match I was hooked into wrestling and went to events at the time was The San Jose Arena (Now HP Pavilion) and the San Francisco Cow Palace which also was a big time wrestling venue for many years since the 60’s I think. I even met and had my picture taken with WWE Superstar the dead man himself The Undertaker.

Once I got into the circus-like atmo…

Animalize Your Body

Most training programs have set and rep schemes where you’re set up on a fixed type workout and a lot of people get discouraged sometimes because they don’t make it through them which would really suck. Forget the set and rep schemes for a while and have fun when you exercise because that’s what it’s supposed to be right? You have fun, you enjoy yourself and in the end you feel good.

When it comes to human training it can be boring at times, doing certain exercises in one position and needing to do rep after rep after rep and for some people they will get bored after a while. Why not learn how to be a kid again and go the park and have fun moving around and not worry about what to do next. That’s the beauty of Animal Exercises.

As you learn to move like an animal visualize yourself as that animal. Feel the fury of being in the jungle and have the burning desire to be one powerful looking beast. You’re working out and if you learn to imagine yourself as that animal believe it or not your…

Taking The Handstand To A Whole New Level

Hand Balancing is without question one of the most fascinating feats of bodyweight strength there is. You see gymnasts, acrobats and the men and women of Circ De Solei who all do a form of hand balancing. Now they’re awesome to watch but they didn’t start that way. They built a foundation so they can get on the path to holding the perfect handstand.

Like any other program you want to build your way up in order to go from basics to intermediate to advanced stages and that’s the starting point of building a solid foundation. I for one had to start at a level before the basics because unlike a gymnast or a light weight I’m a big dude at 240+ lbs. I had to start in the headstand on the wall because I’d fall on my ass if I just kicked up from standing. From there I worked my way up to holding a handstand against the wall for more then a minute. I may never get to the perfect handstand but again if I ever pursued it I would probably do much better and plus I like handstand push-ups. That sho…

Electrical Energy In CoreForce Energy Training

Like a car to an engine your mind and body are the same thing. One will not work without the other and vise versa. Creating energy is not easy but there are simple solutions to it. Your body has a ton of strength & power within but if your mind isn’t up to the task you won’t last very long. Same with the mind, you have tons and tons of electrical cords that keep the brain intact but if the body doesn’t respond then how the hell are you going to get around let alone be strong and enduring.

To get a better analogy, look at Star Wars, specifically the Jedi. They use the Force to generate their power and how it intertwines with everything around them. It’s the same thing with CoreForce Energy; you learn to intertwine your mind/body together to create the ultimate power within you as it is. Now I’m not saying you’ll move objects without touching them or mindfully control somebody but what you will learn is how you integrate that power that you can harness whenever you want.

The speed of…

Power Of The Animals Part Three

Now we all have seen in the gym or doing our training at home that we have to have set/rep schemes. We do this for cardio, this for strength and this for flexibility. For the record I’m not dissing this notion because its organized, done for specific reasons and its got you covered for what needs to be done. What I’ am saying however is that at times this can also take the fun out of exercise and you don’t enjoy it as much.

How about you open your mind up and try something a little different. Forget sets and reps and just go out and have fun. Seriously have fun. That’s one of the keys to fitness success is that you look forward to your workouts and also you want to enjoy them. That’s how I feel about Animalized Training. It takes away the complicated timing of writing down or setting up a workout when you can just take it for what it is and have a ball.

Animal Fitness can make you feel better about yourself because you get to act like a little kid at the playground. It’s not a secret…

Become A Wild Beast & Become Much Stronger Then The Average Human

Have you seen the animals in the wild? The real power in these jungle creatures are far beyond any human strength that’s possessed. Take a look at the strength of a gorilla. At a bodyweight that can reach up to 400+ lbs. it can practically climb with ease and the power in his hands are just as strong if not more then a lifter’s legs. What about the speed of a cheetah? Runs up to speeds at best 65+ miles an hour to catch its prey. Now we will never become that fast but we can most certainly increase our speed.

What I’m getting at here is if we want to build solid strength and power and develop great endurance and stamina then look no further then Animal Exercises. Because of the compound movements being used you’re using both muscular strength and muscular endurance all at the same time. Not a lot of exercises do that. Plus with animal type training you’re developing the body the way it was meant to. Being functional and not isolating one group of muscles. Also you’re not just buildi…