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It doesn't cease to amaze how many people are missing out on the wonderful benefits of push-ups.........If there was one type of calisthenics that could give you strength, flexibility and endurance plus not to mention an awesome physique it would be the push-up and its variations. Many physical culturists around the globe for the last thousand years made the push-up they're ideal training exercise.

 Now a lot of people plus the "experts" say the push-up only works the triceps, shoulders, upper back and chest and if they want to be stronger they should do the bench press. Now if you really looked beyond then just running your mouth you would know that the push-up actually works more muscle groups then the bench press.

 It takes good strength/endurance to work all those muscle groups at once. There are hundreds and hundreds of variations of push-ups and even the most basic ones can turn you into a beast of a man, for women your working the muscles you wanted toned. W…

Training To Be At Peace!!!!!

I haven't been on in a while.....Been working on new training principles both mentally and physically while having fun in both Swimming & Gymnastics. But today or should I say tonight since its 11:23 pm I want to talk about being at peace with your workouts:

We all start out not knowing what the hell we are doing so we sometimes move too fast to get where we want to go. Almost everybody goes through this so heres a tidbit to make your progress seem like childs play. When you begin your workouts learn where you are right there at that very moment in time. What is it do YOU want to accmplish in your training? When you start to exercise learn to cope with the space around and keep an open mind to your exercise. Keep as best form as possible. When you exercise smile be positive with yourself. No excuses for what you can or cannot do. When you are done with your exercise put yourself in a state where there was never a dull moment and theres always room for improvement.

You are neve…