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Adding a Variety To Your Grip!!!!!!!

We all do various things to add grip strength, use weights, kettlebells, self resistance, Isometrics......Towels???

How in the hell can someone use a towel to add grip, I mean dude the only thing a towel is good for is something you dry yourself off with when you're done with the shower or drying off at the beach. Now what i'm about to reveal if most of you don't know this or never done before this is something to look at. Take ant type of towel, now take a bucket. Put about half to three quarters of water in that bucket. Take the towel and put it in the bucket and get it as wet as possible. Now take one end of the towel and start twisting the water out back into the bucket and work your way down. Seems simple and easy right? WRONG!!!!!!!!! This is one of the most brutal exercises you can imagine and will infact pump your lower arms like never before. If you can make it all the way to the other end of the towel then you have some great strength/endurance in your wrists and …

Whats More Important? Doing Something Easy Or Something Hard?

In this world too many people want to take the easy road to get ahead of the compitition. Same thing happens in Bodybuilding and overall fitness. Yes bodybuilders work hard to build their bodies but yet they rather do roids then show true hard work. Not all of them do this but most. But what is doing something hard? Overtraining, Putting more effort or simply just put everything into it. We've all done all three but I feel the most effective is add effort and the hard work will pay off. Nothing should be taken the easy way out. If they did there wouldn't be the fun in having a challenge for yourself of what you want. You can't have someone make goals for you, you have to make them. For fitness there are many versions of hard work but no matter what you do there is always something there to challenge you and you have to put in the effort. Heres an idea: The easiest thing to do to quit but the hardest thing to do is to keep doing what you love. Which are you willig to take?


Pull-Ups for Grip Strength!!!!

We've all seen someone do a pull-up but do you actually know what kind of strength they're building? Its not just pulling strength or building a powerful back but in fact they are building phenomenal grip strength. But now very few people know how to develop grip strength through this exercise. The exercises in this type of training build the grip in great many ways. From the type of exercises I've used it helped my bending strength a great deal. For a beginner hanging from a bar is a great start and even the advanced trainee can benefit from this as you can do various ways to tag the entire body to its core to create a grip that can crush steel (take it from me I do a lot of bending) and add a little power to your weightlifting if you so chose. You can increase the reps in your pull-ups if you are stuck. Now we all know if you have to get a phenomenal physique you have to tie the body together as pairs, Back/Chest, Triceps/Biceps, Hamstrings/Quads. Pull-ups are a piece of…