Saturday, July 14, 2007

New Strength Feat

Last night as an experiment I attempted to rip up a phonebook (around 1000) but with sock puppets (using socks as gloves) and got it on the first try. I was shocked and happy at the same time. It took a great deal of strength to pull this off and Isometrics can help you build that power. When it comes to ripping phonebooks you want to start by just tearing it in half. Simple right? Not nessesarely, you have to not only build up the kind of strength just to tear but you want to progress onto thicker books. If you can rip a 3000 page phonebook without too much trouble then you got super-human strength. One of the key elements to ripping a phonebook or anything else for that matter is through the use of isometrics. This particular type of stength training has been overlooked in the last couple decades and to me thats just sad.....Anywho I want to film this feat and prove that with bodyweight training and learning proper technique in feats of strength you can achieve anthing you wish when you use the mind/muscle connection and just sheer will. Until then keep training and have fun while you do it even when it gets difficult.

Yours in Power & Might